Do we want him?

I’ll put my trust in the coaching staff, but his college stats haven’t been that compelling.

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Hemroids and the horns upset UGa in a major bowl and one would think ALL IS HUNKY DORY on the 40 acres …


The rats are abandoning the USS BEVO …


Something is amiss in Austin …


They also have two QB’s who have just announced they will be transferring: Shane Buechele and Cameron Rising.

Are these guys grad transfers?

If you mean people are bailing out because they aren’t happy with their spot on the depth chart, yes. Porter wasn’t going to sniff the field in Austin.


Rising is a freshman and has left the team. Buechele has entered the NCAA transfer data base. He would be a graduate transfer. What I heard is that whorns now thin at QB-backup, but I don’t follow them to know if they are really hurting.

Don’t know that we would want either, especially Buechele, if we have Bryson Smith and Tune.

Shane has handled himself very welll in Austin. He might be a better fit for Holgorsen’s system than Herman’s. Grad transfer with two years.

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The question isn’t do we want him. The question is whether he wants us, and if he wants us, then CDH has to decide if we want him.

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Rising has signed w Utah. QB’s transferring is only to get more common than it already was. Transfer portal just gives s/a a chance to see what interest there is from other schools. Doesn’t necessary mean they are leaving. Buchele has not decided his situation for next year. Has 2 yrs left.

No thank you. Been there done that have the 7 win T-shirt.

No we don’t need him.


Mixed feelings. Don’t want him because…you know…horn…

Would love to have him because he might turn out to be another good ambassador to getting kids to STAY home and go to UH. I guess if he wasn’t from the area, no, but he was the 11th ranked RB in the country coming out of Katy. Welcome aboard if true?


I guess he couldn’t get his pee the right hue for Tommy.

Welcome aboard Mr. Porter!

Were you against Catalon coming as well?

Again,neither for nor against. I just hope these area kids that change their mind develop the same love for our university that the kids that made their choice day 1. Ya know? Like become a positive example for others to follow.

Maybe Porter will work out.
Shane B. I believe is headed to SMU.

Looks like he was offered by Dana at WV

BOOM !!!

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