Does Baylor Deserve to Remain in the Big 12!

Looks like UT wanted them out! So why weren’t they shown the door?

Probably lawsuits but honestly they may not have wanted to deal with the hassle.


But now that the horns are ruling the roost in the Big12 (except for WVa) … and playoff-wise …

I doubt that they will want to rock the boat and create any havoc to the playoff committee … the Big12 is on shaky ground as is with their hokey conf champ’ship game PLUS being one of the one loss teams in the P5s

AFTER THE SEASON … then that is another story …

Baylor didn’t deserve to join the Big 12 in the 1st place, but thats a different discussion


Total truth, but it is a lot harder to kick them out now.

My guess is that Baylor’s recruiting was shutting out ut from ALL of that Waco high school talent :sunglasses:.

It can be done but I doubt they will do it. You are talking about robbing Waco of a lot of game day revenue. That city and region has political clout in this state.

Yeah, when I lived in Temple, some of the Fort Hood soldiers we knew would tell us that Baylor would give them free tickets to go to games. Waco is about 1hrs drive from Killeen, TX. If they get kicked out…WACO economy might bottom out…General population if WACO would probably not fill that stadium up…

But those crybabies were begging UT, TT, OU & Okie State not to leave when they thought the PAC12 was taking the above schools. When it fell through, they shut up quick.

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Baylor can still give soldiers free tickets to their Sunbelt conference games. The Sunbelt or Conference USA would love to have Baylor.

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The Baylor-North Texas game would become a great rivalry! Both have the color green and are located in insignificant cities.


North Texas can at least claim Dallas…since they are close. WACO however is in the middle of nowhere. Best thing in Waco, SWC museum…at least there is an actual UH flag there…make you feel a little like you at home when you see that…

There is also the Texas Ranger Museum. And it is the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in Waco.


Yeah, forgot to mention those…

There is so much more to Baylor being in the BIG12 today.
The greatest headache would be renegotiating contracts with ESPN/FOX, etc. Baylor is not so important for FB viewers but Baylor BB is very important.This is all about money and what product (team) means to the media and advertisers.

Who was the only college FB program expelled from a major BCS/P5 conference in recent years and why were they removed?

Temple in 2004. Note that they were a Football only member so BB was not an issue.

Why was Temple voted out? Football player murdering another player, HC covering up the selling of drugs by players, rape of numerous female students by FB players.

NAH, follow the money. What was the product value of Temple FB that was being sold to the Media/Advertisers?

Temple was voted out of the BE conference due to poor attendance figures, lack of playing success, and inadequate facilities.
These are what is important to the media/advertisers. The Baylor athletic facilities are P5 worthy and their FB/BB teams still draw attendance numbers higher than most G5 programs.

Follow the money and you will understand.

Were BU to be booted from the B12, they may have a hard time finding a conference wanting to include a team with such a sordid record, on and off the field.

Baylor would sue sue sue to stay in
litigation would go on for years.

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Not really, just a different group of criminals.

With that ringing endorsement what less than stellar conference did Temple end up in? Oh, wait…

In 2015, Temple went 10-2, beat Penn state, won their division, and averaged 47, 374 for their 5 home games in Philly…Kinda looks like they solved their problems…oh wait…