Does conference realignment pay off? No, according to this research

All the games we play in the big12 will matter on a national scale. We will be in the line light bc it’s p5. Tech will prob be the biggest rival but we can develop
new rivals easily in this league.

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You are assuming. Why would the PAC12 invite us and play our games at 9pm CT? The intent for the PAC12 to invite us would be to have CT Zone game time surely not at 9pm CT. We will see soon enough when the PAC12 media rights come on the market in a couple of years. Sooner could be the case.

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Since we are talking hypotheticals, the pac12 would go to 16 teams if they expand East , Houston , Tech , Okie State and say Iowa State. The big12 would back fill with Memphis, Tulane , USF and Boise. Guessing, we decline the pac12 invite and play our traditional AAC rivals

I’d think we take the pac invite in that scenario. They’d create a central zone which is why they’d even want us and some others.

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Did somebody tell Stephanie UH is moving come hell a or high water? UH WILL see an increase in revenue, interest, exposure and recruiting.


Exactly. If we stayed in the AAC we’d basically turn into Gonzaga South

Dr. Herbst-Lucke….sounds too much like Herbstreit…coincidence, i think not…

The historic move that scares me the most is Louisville to the ACC. They are a “city school” like us. They have an in-state big brother land grant school that is very interested in keeping them down, like us. We have 2 if we got really really good. I just hope we are very shrewd in our dealings in our new conference. Because people are watching and there is an agenda.

The clear advantage we have over Louisville is our administrative strength, vision, and unity far surpasses theirs. Not even close.

I think alot of people are overreacting. Yes realignment can be bad for certain schools, especially when your only reason for moving is money. But in UH’s case while the money was a HUGE factor, there were many, many, other factors involved in our move to the bug 12. The big 12 offers us money, better exposure, better recruiting, better rivalries, greater access to the playoff, better academic peers, and a more secure future. There are many more on top of that but I can’t think of it off the top of my head.

Nebraska should be a prime example of what happens when you move for pure money reasons.

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We are moving to a big time P5 conference where we will play many of our old time rivals from SWC days as well as renew rivalry with Okie State, who we have played since the 50s…Its ALL GOOD for us…and will be a huge blessing, affiliation wise…


I look forward to our attendance and local media coverage reflecting that. If that happens, we’ll be fine.