Does the media feel burned at all

Since they got used by CTH agent to report on LSU when it was a bluff? Or will they still find the same sources credible next time?

ESPN was complicit in this whole sham…trying to make up for their LHN losses. LSU saw right through it.
TH sold his soul…


That is correct!

No, the media isn’t what it used to be. There’s too much competition and too few eyeballs to vet every story so reporters role with what they get to make a name for them self. If it’s wrong; on well, keep moving to the next story.

Go back and look at Brett McMurphy’s twitter timeline from Thanksgiving on. There’s no retractions, no acknowledgement of error; just plows along. Why not? Only a few will care, but most will forget and his employer only cares about him making them money (which he is). Life moves on.

Reporters also realize that they need something to keep them employed. Many form relationships with coaches, agents, politicians, etc to get the latest scoops; in turn, the “sources” make extra money or get better press (or have stories glossed over in some cases).

Go look at Pete Thamel this year. It’s obvious he has a relationship with Trace Armstrong and the idea was to raise Herman’s profile to put him in the running for better jobs. Why we got a full SI feature before the OU game. When we won, Thamel and SI ran the story immediately (he even said it was scheduled for later in the year when the COOGS would have recovered from that loss as originally expected) and they got a ton of views and readership. Thamel then road the Herman train all season, consistently posting and talking about him and continued through today’s press conference. And, no…no mention of how he treated the players in the way out. That won’t come out until Herman fails.

Basically, its the small college town mindset on a larger scale. It’s why the coaches have all the power right now and they know it.

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I for one hope the next head coach allows interviews by us. I live in Atlanta so I requested cell phone interviews with Herman and his assistants over the past two years. Was denied, every single damn time. Levine and even Sumlin allowed phone interviews. Herman was too big for that I guess. I even received an email from the SID that it’s difficult to give time “to a board with 500 members” when ESPN, SI and USA Today are always calling. Thanks for nothing coach!


I wish you would have shared that sooner. It gives some insight into his true motives.


Maybe but he couldn’t raise his profile without raising ours at the same time.

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I think as events unfold and more issues such as this come to light we will gradually get some better insights into both Herman and his character. He fooled all of us but there were some pretty clear warning shots beginning with that whole South Carolina fiasco. I remember trying to shed light on that gleaned from connections I have in Columbia. I got roasted for my efforts.

I’m no rumor monger and report only what I get from credible sources. Hopefully we will all learn from that. Basically, conceding the Navy game, UH lost to UCONN, SMU, and Memphis because Herman had stars in his eyes as new opportunities unfolded for him. And like Briles he was job hunting before he had his luggage unpacked. I will give him credit for lighting a fire under the fan base. That was real. But too many the nice comments were basically putting whipped cream on a dog patty and telling us it was a Sundae. And we bought it because we really wanted to believe. We really did.


I remember you mentioning that in your season preview; seemed strange because I believe you had full access to Sampson.

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I never mentioned anything sooner because I didn’t want to come across as “sour grapes.” I liked him as a coach, still do. Contrary to what everyone believes, I think his messages will get across to his new players and they’ll be the “best trained team in America” (behind us I’m hoping). People talk about “uncontrollable boosters.” Winning solves that. He won’t allow outside influences to interfere with his team. Having said that, as a pissed off alumnus I wish him and TU nothing but failure.