Dominion Gets To Tell Their Story

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Fox News and everyone that bought into trump’s nonsense should be embarrassed.

Almost destroyed a company all to help trump with his ego and try to discredit a legitimate election. Awful.

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They won’t be because they can’t admit they were conned.


Very true. I’ll be embarrassed for them.

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A stock can’t be embarrassed. In fact, Fox Corp is down just 7% on the year. Lying isn’t as costly as one would be led to believe.

The only reason it’s not up is due to the other lawsuits pending. Once a known price is tagged to those watch as its stock price increases. Believe this is a common pattern…once the costs are known interest in the stock increase.

I hope dominion’s rank and file employees get some of that payday. They deserve it after some of the hardships they’ve had to go through.


Release the Kraken!

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I’m not embarrassed because I never believed the Dominion charges. But I never believed many of the charges that other networks repeated against Trump, like the dossier and Russian Collusion. Bits of truth, but very little. I do believe there was quite a bit of ballot harvesting, which is illegal in most but not all states. But no one will ever know how much, as almost impossible to catch.
Anyway, doesn’t matter now. Election is over, move forward.

Wonder if Al Gore is still counting hanging chads? Al Gore tried to overthrow the election and govment. Where is the outrage lol. So easy to own democrats. Dumbest people alive. Not to be rude

Sounds about right.

6. Multiple states where President Trump was way ahead on Election night were suddenly shut down for the night and then hundreds of thousands of ballots for Joe Biden were inserted into the election.

Everybody saw that lol and acting like that is normal

Hanging Chad should be your nickname on this board. It is perfect!

BTW, we now know you’re in insane election denier, Coogs2U.

What a Hanging Chad!

Thank you!

Back to ignore.


How’s it hanging, Chad?

Thank you for this, BTW.

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Welcome, pollard/busseeeyy

Election deniers need to believe the election was stolen because they can’t accept the repudiation of their beliefs about everything from climate change to vaccines to religious nostrums regarding sexuality and marriage, views on race and poverty. It’s a starter kit for turning the US into Hungary. smh


Al Gore conceded when he exhausted his appeal. His election was actually close too, unlike 2020. He also certified the election on Jan 6 as VP.

It’s ridiculous to compare the two.


Yeah, that didn’t happen. You really need to stop getting your news from known liars.

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I refuse to be trolled. You guys are playing right into their hands.

Self control can be rewarding.


They’re the same person.

Then you should still be embarrassed.