Officially done with CDH. That’s all


I have been a supporter, but my leash is very short, given tonight against Rice. That is all I will say tonight.

Welcome to the club!

Welcome to the club. In many ways I’ve been done since year 1 when he couldn’t make it work with our 50TD QB, didn’t meet expectations, not even close and handed us a losing season when we had hopes of a NY6 bowl.


Well, I cut him slack in year one, simply because every coach (even Sampson) is allowed one “freebie” sucky season in their first year.

I was more concerned after year two, but he responded with a Top 20 finish. And then won a second bowl game.

After today though……he (and we) are going to need a miracle.

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OG Dana out. It was obvious 4 years ago


I’ve been trying to tell y’all for years.


I was willing to give him the season after two straight bowl wins, that changed by the 2nd quarter. He should’ve been fired at the half.

They should fire him tomorrow morning and give Early the keys for rest of the year.

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I was never really a “Dana hater”. I was truly excited when he was hired for several reasons. I gave him slack at the beginning and then the COVID year. But, my frustration with him has peaked. I don’t like him at all as the UH head coach.

Although, it was only for really a year and a half, I miss the excitement during Herman 2 years. Renu and Tilman have got to do something, as it is clear Pez isn’t the shot caller.

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You’re busy being a Texas fan. I get confused when you say “we” when referring to UH.


It’s been obvious for several years that this coaching regime was never going to take us any higher than being bottom feeders in a P5 conference. There is no culture, poor work ethic, just looks like CDH is going through the motions, collecting checks and hitting the bars. I am very patient, and I’ll always support our players, but I’m really tired of hoping we can compete with mediocre to bad programs. Recruiting is bad, team morale is fragile, and it all starts at the top.

The players deserve better. CDH has been given every chance, and plenty of time, to show that he can elevate the program. He can’t. I’ve reached the point where the sooner a change is made, the better. This year is toast; we may well only win 2-3 games. I expected 3-5 wins and expect to be disappointed now.

Once the new Big 12 starts to solidify in 2024 we don’t want to be at the bottom of the heap in perception amongst recruits and the public. We don’t have much time to change that trajectory. I’m not prone to rants like this, but too many coaches and players have put in tireless efforts over the years to get our program to P5 status (again!) and we can’t afford to squander at least the opportunity for success. Hesitation will cost us; the program needs an overhaul.

Go Coogs!


We desperately need to get back to the “House” way of head coaching . . . . . Change head coaches every two years at the maximum. Go on the cheap and bring in unknown, unproven high school coaches to be our 2 year temporary head coach. UH head coaches, like fish, begin to stink after a very short time . . . . .