Donovan Mutin status - amongst other topics

Is he officially out for the season or should expect him in the championship game?

Didn’t he play against UConn?

He did? I didn’t even realize.

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He didn’t play against UCONN. He’s in concussion protocol so he could be back for Cinn.


I guess I didn’t catch what announcers were saying about him.was likely snacking.


He should back. They weren’t going to rush him through protocol process for long flight to Conn n a game where he wasn’t needed. All signs point to him playing.


I was knocked out in a game when I was in high school. Coaches let me go back in after awhile. Yes, I was begging to go back in because my replacement was not good. But coaches are supposed to know better. I was definitely concussed, my mom is/was a nurse and she confirmed based on my “symptoms”.

I wasn’t out as long a Mutin was, according to my mom. I also walked off the field. If the docs say he can play, he’ll play. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not cleared.

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Because of the way he froze I assume it more than just normal concussion protocol, but I don’t have anything to base that on

Haha same here. I don’t think they do that anymore tho haha. I had a buddy, our QB, who had 7 diagnosed concussions in three seasons. He ran with his head down a lot. in today’s rules HE would get penalized on offense for targeting :joy: They always put him back in. Wreckless in hindsight. #Texas HS football

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I was knocked out in football game. Throwing up blood when I came to. Taken to Dr. said I had busted a vein-gave me some Rx said it should heal in few hours-it did. I was deathly scared though. I had tried to jump a tackler which is why I always hold my breath when any player tries to hurdle in a game-particularly my grandson who will be playing for Brown U next fall.

I’m not criticizing, honest question here. What is the benefit of playing football for an ivy league school? Just love of the game?

One would assume the Ivy league education. And yes, love of the game. Two great reasons, IMHO.


Wait, are you trying to tell me that a personnel director would look at a degree from, say Harvard, more favorably than, say Florida State?


Please write to all current Ivy League football players as well as all living former Ivy League players (the Ivy League steeped in the very origins and beginnings of American football, mid-19th century) and tell them it was and is a waste.


Usually its a way to get admitted to schools with a less than 5% admission rate.


My question is because they don’t offer scholarships. I guess I’m asking if there are any tangible benefits.

I wasn’t aware of that. If playing football is what gets you admitted then that is a good reason.

In John Perdue’s case-absolutely!

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It was hard to discern what possible benefits I could derive by playing football at Princeton. Let’s see. I had the incredible Ivy League football experience complete with babes. And then there was that connection thing where one gets to know Boosters and alumni. Darnit one of them rascals set me up with a job with a top five law firm after law school.

Ivy League. Not the Big Sky, not the Missouri Valley, not the Southern. Hmmmm. Ivy League, Ivy League. Let me get back to you on that. Why would anyone want to go to an Ivy League school?


In high school, two of my teammates played Ivy League baseball. One at Yale and one at Princeton. Definitely went there for the education and played baseball for the love of it.


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