Donovan Smith isn’t the problem

I like Smith’s game. He competes really well. Maybe his technique is a bit off at times, but hey so is mine.

Playcalls have been shitty, like the one to end the game.

Tune turned things around his junior year in a big way. Expecting Smith to do the exact same thing is betting on some very long odds.

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Smith ain’t it folks.

Most damning indictment of Dana is how he had 4 years to line up his own successor to Tune and this is what we got.


We need a change at QB. Can’t be any worse.


Everyone we play has a better QB


And coach


Ah. Nevermind.


DS misses open receivers, throws behinds the receivers on route, can’t lead throws, doesn’t have breakaway speed to run away from tackles, and apparently can’t power run either. So WT actual F is he still the QB.

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Tune WAS one of the worst FBS quarterbacks until he injured his hamstring.

You’re exactly right. Either Dana isn’t a good talent evaluator or he just can’t recruit…or BOTH.

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How do we arrange to have someone’s hamstring pulled? Does anybody “know a guy”?

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Yeah, Donovan isn’t the problem despite not being any good as an NCAA QB, it’s Holgorsen that is the problem for putting a below average QB in there despite his below average performance! I blame Dana for this, not Donovan, since he could only play with what talent he has!

CDH’s job is on the line. If Coley’s not playing, there must be a reason. Smith is our best option at QB until he isn’t. One or two more games like TCU, and CDH will have no choice but to make a change.

What about CDH’s coaching gives you the idea that he can reasonably determine who the best QB is for our team? And CDH really doesn’t need to care if his job is on the line because he’s literally set for life with his buyout … in fact, it may be a preferred outcome for him.

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Because that was what he was promised in order to get his NFL talent here to lead this team. Actually, I feel for DS and hope he can emotionally handle what’s ahead.

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Agree. He has a good arm and vision. He’s not Clayton Tune, but he is an asset.

He may not be “the” problem, but he is definitely “a” problem.

Can’t read the defense, holds onto ball too long, indecisive.


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I suspect if I went back and read the 2020 comments about Tune it would be the same old comments from the same guys posting about Smith.