Double Standard

@92010Coogs has been screaming about misogyny for days now. Then he posts something he considers humorous that calls Kamala a “ho”.

Misogyny for thee but not for me.
What would the women in your life think if they saw this Chris? When are you going to apologize?

Really Chris, is it too much for us to ask for you to be consistent and hold yourself to the same standard you try and hold us to? You also get mad at everyone over insults but then you continually insult people as well.

Of course not to mention the false allegations you made and haven’t apologized for.

Do you justify your misogyny because it is against a Democrat?

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Oh jeeze get a life.

You ask? We deliver. You do not live in California. This is a well known fact about her “rise to the top” Reuters is hardly repubs.
Now you will have a better idea of how kamala rose to the top.

So, your stance is because she had an affair that calling her a ho isn’t misogynistic action?

Really? That’s your excuse.

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Dustin wants more facts:

60 and she was how old?
…and he got her appointed to what?

Calling a woman a ho is misogynistic language. The fact that you can’t see that just shows your double standard.

Misogyny for thee but not for me.

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So your going to double down on it?

People got fired for posting it.

The offensive slogan referring to Biden and Harris has also been used outside of T-shirts sold on Amazon. Bill Baptist, a freelance photographer for the Houston Rockets, shared an image of an edited version of Biden’s campaign logo that referred to Harris as the sexist term.

The NBA said in a statement that Baptist was fired, and in response, Baptist said: "The phrase I posted does not reflect my personal views at all. I should not have been so insensitive to post the statements by others.

“I sincerely apologize to all of those who have rightfully been offended and I have taken the post down from my FB page. It was a horrible mistake on my part.”

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Also since you want to go there, sure sounds like Willie Brown took advantage of her. Thus showing your misogyny more by only calling Kamala out for an affair.

You both did not know how she got on top?

Let me guess, only you know her intimate life.

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Doesn’t make a bit of difference. Doesn’t justify your misogyny. The language you use is misogynistic and that you condemn only the younger, less powerful woman in this affair is classic misogyny.

Misogyny for thee but not for me.

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Racist says what?

I figured you would pile on to be a misogynist as well.

This isn’t about Kamala. This is about Chris having a double standard when it comes to misogyny, insults and the like.

Personally, I’m not fan of Kamala and think the Democratic party should find a way for her to gracefully bow out and get a stronger VP candidate assuming Biden runs again.

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They probably did not know; hence, the reaction. The mainstream media probably kept that under wrap just like the hunter biden’s laptop. You know it was russian propaganda because more than 50 National security advisers said so…We now know that indeed hunter owns or used to won the salacious laptop.
Is Huckabee Sanders an angry transvestite? Six posters seem to think so. They abject “likes” is for everyone to see.

So as usual, you pivot won’t apologize or own your own misogyny and hypocrisy. I’d be shocked if it wasn’t so typical of you.

I have heard the rumors and ineundo. It doesn’t make it appropriate.

Especially how you love to lecture everyone for being inappropriate for liking a post yet, you are posting offensive content.

There are rumors about Melina Trump, will you call her that too?

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So blind…have you sued McDonald’s for passing on your assistant manager position :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hypocrisy as its finest
Exhibit A:
CgrBkrA like is not an endorsement :smirk: .
Let’s give cgrkbr a round of applause.

brown 60 - harris 29
During affair gets promoted
Huckabee Sanders is not an angry tranvestite…She is a woman or in your world a bianary individual.
Melania Trump is married to…Trump