Down goes north shore

They got beat 28-21 they need to recruit better for next year.


Year of Dallas.


All within a few mile radius and won large classification state champs.

Dallas schools rein this year

Dallas schools understand how to win and what it takes - houston is too divided and will waste money trying to run into a wall

If they would close up teams with less than 20 players at the 6a level they could create a dominant team but we rather be stubborn

So, Houston teams never win state? Didn’t North Shore win last year?

Yes they did. They had a good year recruiting.


Starting Quarterback tore his ACL mid season. He’s won state as a freshman and will be back again. Made it to state with a WR (heading to UTSA) starting as QB.


North shore has the biggest unofficial zone in Houston

They border Pasadena, HISD, Sheldon ISD, Channelview and Humble - three of those districts you have no chance of winning so guys will find a way to go there and win big -

Why it’s sister school in galena park can’t do the same? That’s what makes it odd

North shore over achieved with a wr playing qb for 2/3 of the season and yet they were still half a yard away from winning state


Sounds like a QB that started the season at WR… :grin:

We need all of the dbs and lbs from northshore on Houston’s defense next year.

We need to offer that qb/wr asap. He has greg ward Jr abilities.

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#5 had a great game at CB. He’s coming to UH


Sheldon ISD has a shot. CE King almost beat Katy in the 4th round this year.

Show me a kid a coach has recruiting to come to North Shore wait better yet name the coach who is doing the recruiting

Maybe we should recruit Northshore coach🤔

He ain’t leaving a gravy train gig lol - if he does and is still young to coach he knows the school is about to split and talent base is getting weak -

I can not believe North Shore didn’t win it all. They looked unstoppable all season long.

Are you talking about the recent success of DISD? Houston area schools have dominated the last few years. This was an unusual off year for Houston schools.

This is the first time since 2016 that a Houston area team did not win state.