Down goes the Antisemite


Yep Shasta coog should be rejoicing today.

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Nobody is going to cry over this,

If we call out MTG we need to call out this one too.


And here she is with Nick Fuentes.

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He too needs to be cast out. Just as the Amalekites.

It is about damn time.
To think some on here defend her, call themselves pro Jewish?
Did she marry her brother or not?
Did she commit a crime or not?
We still have not had full confirmation iif she is legal or not.

And she doesn’t use a Bible!

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Don’t know, don’t care. That said it was reportedly looked at by the fbi in 2020 so guessing they found nothing.


Are we still trying this with people?

Hate to break it to the Three Morons (one of which, the OP, laughs at slavery and the near genocide of indigenous peoples by loving American Christian Capitalists, another a proven liar on this board and the 3rd I’m sure an impressive looking individual), but Omar is at least twice as intelligent than each of them. Maybe that’s more of an indictment of her.

They have no clue as to their supreme idiocy. Dunning-Kruger posterboys each.

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She is a strongly opinionated, black, educated, intelligent, Muslim woman immigrant Representative with landslide level support in her district.

Connection of dots up to interpretation.

On a side note:
Paul Gosar

There is plenty for someone to disagree with. That said, focus on the issues and not random conspiracies like whether she married her brother or is here legally.

Those things may be true, but anti-Semite trumps them all.

I don’t get the intelligent part.

Anti-Semite wasn’t on my list so who are you trumping?

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The topic of this thread is Omar. Were you referring to someone else?

Being an anti semite isn’t why everyone on this thread is against Omar. If it were, we’d see them coming against some in their tribe. It never happens though.

Not referring to you, traveling.

Of course you don’t.

Here’s the voice of the good friend of our resident orange carrot eaters (they have Trump “Richard” Syndrome), the 3 Stooges and AgustusMcCoog (whatever that is, sounds like somebody with a problem). This is what they support with the same type of dysfunctional, psychopathic mentality. Enjoy.: