Downgrading of Our Recruits Has Begun

Ogbonnaya had his 247 composite ranking drop after committing as services that hadn’t rated him just added a two star rating after the fact. Now Gooden has dropped from about an 81 rating to 78.8 after two new services have “rated” him.
Yeah, I am sure a kid who is 5-11, 205 lbs, and runs a 4.4 40 is a two star recruit…

That’s okay; keeps players hungry and with a chip on their shoulder.

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That’s OK, I’ll trust the UH coaches to take our sometimes under-rated recruits and defeat teams with higher rated recruits. [See last year’s Peach Bowl game results.] High school player ratings are subjective and speculative.

To me it’s really more about individual player development, buy-in, training, motivation, coaching and playing very, very hard for the love of your team-mates. Let’s stay hungry for more championship trophies, big rings and lots of other great things!


I agree with everything you’re saying, but it’s shameful that a player’s commitment to a certain school would have ANY effect on his rating. The player himself, including his skill level, does not change based on where he decides to go to school. This kind of thing means all ratings services are complete garbage.

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Upside, not finish products most of the time.

I hope you can read what you wrote and see how silly it looks. You cay prospects were “downgraded” while they were actually graded. The stupid tears about low ratings and “downgrades” in this fanbase are freaking nuts. Ratings don’t matter…unless our players have high ones then they mean everything

It downgrades his 247 composite. He also hasn’t attended any camps since committing to UH, so they didn’t actually grade him. They made up a grade to match their agenda.
I think you should read what you read. You insulted me for posting about something that just happened. The only thing silly is your response.

Which wasn’t a downgrade in his rating, it lowered the freaking average score. Now those services that actually put a grade on him have a minimum baseline. If the kid is better than his offers suggest then you will see a nice increase in time. The crying about somehow getting screwed because we are UH is pathetic

If they haven’t even scouted him, then they aren’t grading him. They should leave it blank. Calling something crying because one points out a dishonest flaw in a system is being willfully ignorant. Frankly, your posts usually have a more negative tone. You don’t tend to actually contribute, and your points on this thread are being willfully ignorant.

How do you know they haven’t watched his film? Just because it is a grade you do not like doesn’t mean the haven’t put eyes on his tape and gave him a true evaluation. If it doesn’t fit your world view then I guess it is dishonest, wrong and flawed. And since you believe his rating is wrong please offer your evaluation of why he deserves to be rated any higher than what he is right now.

Here is how I know:

His size and speed alone make him more than a two star. If you doubt the listed speed watch a few of the plays starting about the 1 minute mark on his 2015-16 highlight video. He is often the fastest person on the field. DBs can’t catch up to him.

He is such a good athlete he is their RB and MLB.

In case you don’ t like to read a full profile it lists his measurables at 405 lb Bench, 680 lb squat, 4.4 40, and 10.79 100 M.

Squatting 680 pounds at 205 and only 17 years old… if true he needs to skip football and go to the olympics.

Currently he is about a second too slow for that. I suspect that number is either with a smith machine or he isn’t going to parallel, but the highlights show just how much he outmatches his competition in speed.

Gooden is a special athlete, but he’s from a small school and may have been overlooked. Seems to have been the case as Herman himself tweeted something about being wowed by a guy at camp as if he had no clue this player was so athletic. IIRC, Gooden had just committed. He only shows offers from SMU and SFA. The DL seems more like a three star, but the ratings are inexact. Our two highest rated commits, Sanogo (Scout 4 star) and Petry (Rivals 4 star), really don’t have impressive offers at all, while guys rated just a little lower at the same position like Terrell Bernard (early Baylor offer + Washington, Tech) and Timarcus Davis (Arkansas, Missouri, Arizona) have good P5 offers.

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Now Imago, you and Dallas hug and make up. What is silly is two Coogs having a pissing contest. There are much better ways to share different points of view guys. We’re pulling for the same team.

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As much as I love to have a highly ranked class, a lower ranking means bigger programs wont have their eyes on him and will surprise those teams when he begins to burn past them.

I have watched the highlights…against 3A competition. The lifting number, if true, would put him in the power lifting elite in his weight class in the US so I think it is safe to call BS on that. Apparently college coaches must also be more clueless than than the recruiting sites since his only other offers are SFA and SMU. What I see is a really good athlete nothing more, nothing less.

Wilder dropped from a 4 star to a 3 star a week or two after he committed to us. It didn’t change his ability or the interest of other coaching staffs.

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