Dr. Yezman’s Frankenstein

So you really believe that Pezman is responsible for Dana’s extension AND his buyout?

You believe that Pezman can walk down the Hall, right now, and fire Dana?

I believe he’s the executive officer of an entire department at a major institution of higher learning. He provides executive-level supervision of staffing and performance. He is held accountable for everything in that department. Not the least of which is finances.

You set up the classic straw man with the question, “so you believe he can…”

Every institution has internal policies regarding termination. Most require consultation with senior administrators and legal counsel.

But if you believe Pezman wasn’t heavily involved in the buyout then you aren’t thinking clearly. Tilman ain’t running the department.

Oh, really who did he want?

I said Pezman does not have control of the hiring or firing of our Head Football, Basketball, or Baseball Coach.

You said that was Bullsh#t.

So, if you think that is Bullsh#t, then how is what I asked a straw man?

Tillman was responsible for Dana’s initial contract, and Tillman is responsible for Dana’s current buyout.

Pezman can not fire any of the 3 main coaches without Tillman and Renu signing off on it.

I have no idea if he agrees with them, but he can’t do anything about it, if he doesn’t.