While true I had a dream we made the final 4 earlier in the season. I also had a dream last night that we lost this game. If I am right we can still make the final 4!


Dude, your dream got going…it could happen…maybe this make them mad enough to take nothing for granted.

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Personally, I think this is a good loss. Should help team to realize that in big games you can’t count on magic all the time. You have to play well and not leave money on fhe table - I mean make your foul shots.


I never believe on good losses. So this isn’t one, in my book. But you could be correct especially about free throws. We won the have if we hot them

If that is the case than a team should never lose. Losses in basketball will happen and can help teams get refocused who are not challenged on a consistent basis.


I didn’t say they should never lose, I don’t know where you get that idea. I just don’t believe in so called good losses. Losses happen especially in long seasons like basketball. They aren’t good things, now if they refocus and kill it at the free throw line that’s great it’s taking a negative and making a positive. But losing is always a negative.

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I had a bad feeling after trying to go from GAMEDAY to the basketball game. Hit every red light I could on the way to Minute Maid and it took me 30 minutes for like a 10 minute trip.

Then, I watched the baseball game and saw TXSt beat us. That wasn’t good

Got in the car to head back to basketball and the tickets got wet. Had to scramble to get them reloaded on my phone.

And, just had a bad feeling since last week when it was announced as it might throw off their routine. Sampson is all about routine and when these guys don’t stick to it, they struggle.

Ah well, crappy day. It happens. I want to believe in your dreams.

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There are NO Good Losses @ home !!

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I agree…yes UCF deserved to win…they out played us and out coached us today…it happens.
I thought our bigs were totally intimidated by Falls in the middle, thus we really never attacked the middle allowing them to cover our outside guys.
Our crowd was wonderful but just couldn’t help us at the free throw line. UCF is normally not great at the free throw line but they shot decent today.
Of our bigs I thought Gresham did the best defensively.
Harris may be the worst free throw shooter in Coog history, lol. And I thought he was tentative against Falls. At least once it looked like Harris had a dunk but instead missed a layup as Falls closed in. I think it was Davis who told him to go up and dunk after the fact.
It was an exciting game atmosphere but yes I am disappointed we loss. There is never a good loss especially in such an important game.
You can bet Sampson will use this as a learning tool…


A loss this late in the season can be good, especially if coach brings it up in the huddle right before a tourney game…about how you can’t just roll the ball out there and expect to win. If the other team steps up their game (like UCF did), step yours up too! Definitely motivational material IMO.