Drinking question

Just curious. Me and my neighbor, early 40’s, walked down to the Wakefield Crowbar for a evening drink. I am old, 70’s, and beered and wined out from the last few days. I ordered a scotch and soda and was informed that they don’t carry scotch any more because only old people drink it. :joy:. She also told me that more bars are doing this. I don’t drink scotch that often and found that odd. Is it a real thing not to carry scotch or just an excuse? Not that big a deal,but just curious.

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I’m 46 and old I guess. I’ve got bottles of JW red, black, and blue in my bar right now.

Also, I haven’t run into this at bars anywhere but it is a scary thought. :grinning:

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The kids are on a Bourbon craze. That’s part of it.

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Personally, I hate Scotch.

I’m a bourbon and Irish whiskey man all the way, in that order.

That said, I cannot imagine any full-service bar worth its salt not serving any Scotch. There are too many people out there that do like it.

I cannot imagine that what that guy said is a widespread thing.

I can tell you this much. I wouldn’t give that bar any more business.


Yeah, but it’s a 100 yards away and they really support the Coogs in their sports bar area. I’ll just have to do what I can to educate them. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve only had scotch once in my life and it was a novelty to memorialize my grandmother, who loved Cutty Sark and soda water. It was one of the worst drinks I’ve ever had. So there’s that.


Glenfiddich is the nectar of the gods.

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They’d probably want $50 a shot for JW Blue anyway….screw em’.

I only drink Scotch on the rocks. Bourbon, to me, tastes like liquified sugar and rubbing alcohol. But I have to say that blended Scotch can leave a bad drink memory. Any place that doesn’t offer Scotch isn’t a bar.


Bourbon is the TRUE……AMERICAN spirit.

Drinking it is patriotic!

I recommend this one.


Can. Not. Do.

People in their 20s are drinking tequila and other clear liquors. I can attest i hardly see any dark liquor bottles at bars anymore just at restaurants.

At home drinking a good scotch I do the same. At a bar or club, I go with soda or water, makes it easier to pace myself and save some $$$.

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I was 30 before I realized that liquor could be something more than a shot that you held your nose and threw back. :grin:

A friend bought me a nice bottle of single malt Scotch for my birthday, and I opened it up and asked what do we mix it with…:sob: He nearly took the gift back at that point.

I don’t drink much anymore but definitely learned to enjoy a good Scotch, good bourbon, good whiskey. Only drink them neat, no water, no ice. My favorite is still a good smoky mezcal, love to taste the desert. But it takes years for me to finish a bottle nowadays instead of days or weeks.


Definitely can’t drink Scotch neat.

Can barely drink it with ginger ale.

Bourbon is way better.

Vodka chased by Vodka then followed up with some Vodka

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Whiskey’s an exception to that. Twentysomethings love them some Fireball, and Jack and Coke is still the entry-level mixed drink. Old fashioneds are still pretty popular too.

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Glenfiddich 12 year with 3 ice cubes.

If out, I go for a blend like Monkey Shoulder or Johnny Walker. 3 cubes only.

Never acquired a taste for bourbon.

Interestingly, Glenfiddich, conceding to the young American tastes, created a 15 year aged in bourbon barrels. It’s quite good.

I used to like one ice cube in my bourbon to open it up…

Does Justerini and Brooks count as Scotch?

That with ginger ale is the ultimate “Old Lady’s” mixed drink.