Dropping stars

Hey everyone, been a very long time since I posted. I’m wondering if our recruits are losing stars when they commit to us like they used to back in the day? Or if recruits magically gain a star when they commit to say UT or A$M?

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Yeah happened with Demetrius Hunter.


At this point, I am not sure many of the kids are ranked/ evaluated to obtain the stars.

The star system is projecting kids to the NFL and not just college. A smaller QB will likely not be a 5 star on measurables alone. We have had some success with smaller QB’s. I would take a Greg Ward or Case Keenum any day.

Speaking of stats, the transfers we brought in this fall and spring were pretty highly rated coming out of high school. Let’s see if it produces in the fall.

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O’Korn wasnt a 4 star beause he signed with UH.

The services tried hard to keep Ed Oliver as a 4 star until they obviously couldn’t anynore.

Demarcus Ayers was a 4 star until he signed with UH, same with Donald Gage.

Deontay Greenberry was a 5 star recruit until he signed with UH.

The list goes on and on.


This is victimhood nonsense. And verifiably false
Ed oliver was rated 20th in his class before he committed and rose afterwards.

Deontay graduated high school as a 5 star.

There is no list to go on and on.


J O’Korn’s performance both here and at Michigan proved he never deserved a 4 star rating.

The rating indicates potential, I think. There are a lot of dead bodies at the bottom of Potential Mountain. That said, the more highly rated players you have, the better the odds that you’ll have 30 or so every year who realize their potential or at least make strides to realizing it.

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Deontay was great though. He signed with UH the day after he was all but wrapped up to South Bend. That was the sweetest coup I can think of since the Keenum era. It didn’t give a chance for the rankers to pull a star from him


Okorn was a 4 star on measurables alone (size, height). He looked the part of a Michigan quarterback or a QB that plays in the Big 10. While measurables do have an impact, you don’t need to be the biggest guy at a lot of positions to have a great college career. Manziel never worked out in the pros, but man was he fun to watch in college.

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