Duarte-“Houston. It’s probably the loudest and rowdiest.”/“Houston is a pretty tough place to play.”-AAC player survey:

If you usually avoid the Comical- Worth checking out Duarte’s recent articles.

UH picks up commitment from OT Ugonna Nnanna

8:42 PM

New UH defensive coordinator Joe Cauthen: ‘We want to take the fight to you’

July 23, 2019 6:30 PM

AAC player survey: Best QB, coaches to play for and avoid

July 22, 2019

Dana Holgorsen looks to expand UH’s recruiting horizons

"Of the roughly 111 high school players UH has recruited since 2014, 53 percent (59) have come from the Houston area. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has produced the second-most signees (17), followed by Louisiana (14) and Central Texas (11). UH has five known commitments for the class of 2020, with three coming from the Houston area and two from Louisiana.

“We’re going to focus on Houston and then get out there for the rest of the state of Texas,” Holgorsen said. “But we’re not going to forget about Louisiana. They are a wonderful neighbor that we are going to recruit hard.”"

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I guess when it’s actually packed and the opponent is decent, this is accurate.


AAC Player survey…on coaches they wouldn’t like to play for…

“UConn. I don’t even know his name.”


Kind of savage to do a public poll of “what coach sucks?” and then publish. Seems more of a Holgo move than a Duarte move…either way, I can dig it.

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I have no problem with that.

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Like I’ve harped on before, UH has some ugly uniforms and this survey confirms it. Hopefully, Holgersen changes that.


So incognito mode has been nerfed best solutions to getting around the paywall?

Pay the money? Me, I just let CoogFans tell what is going on!

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We have our night games back. We should be back to #1 this year.

A free proxy works & there are many you can use.

Said this before, but I wish we’d use the uniforms that we used at Homecoming this season. Those were awesome.