Duarte on Coaching Candidates

Dan Mullen ?! Wow. That would be a home run hire. Tillman said that a lot of people coveted and call about the UH job already.

Mike Leach, Holgerson or Montgomery would all be great.

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Glad to se we will go after established HCs who can win here and win big…kind of hope we get someone who could keep Orlando as DC…love those offensive minded HCs

Holgs doesn’t have a good relationship with our AD or president, i could see him taking the job.

I’m honestly not sold on Mullen. It would be tough for me to get excited about a coach that’s coming off a losing season with losses to South Alabama and Kentucky. I’m with @qwanseeker on this: my preference is Leach, Holgo, or Montgomery – in that order.

OK. Got you. I just remember the Dan Mullen with Dak Prescott. I know UH will miss Greg Ward as well.

Big NO to Dan Mullen. He has a losing season.

Anyone of these 3 will be fine imo: Dana H. , Motgomery, or Leach (in that order).

Mullen would be nice; Urban Meyer tree so there would be some continuity there. Dude also did very well in the SEC West with Miss State. Don’t discount that.

Holgs and Leach would be fantastic.

Honestly, we may upgrade with this hire.

Agreed. We will get the next up and coming coach and he will leave in 2 years.

Mullen is 4-7 this year. No way we should touch him. I don’t care what coaching tree he comes from.

Who Is this “small faction” that is talking about Biles?

No way in Hell will Briles be brought back to UH. He is poison.

No to Montgomery…no way we bring him here after what he did under Briles

Those of you looking down your nose at Dan Mullen are really demonstrating a fundamental ignorance of what that guy has accomplished at what is unquestionably the worst job in the SEC West.

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I wholly endorse this message. I’d rather have Dimel again than Briles. We need to do something to make that clear to Khator and the athletic admin, though.

While we’re looking,I’d like check on Willie Fritz (Tulane). He’s been a success at every place he’s coached, has to have Houston area contacts from his Blinn and Sam Houston National championship days and at 56 is probably looking for a long-term job.

I was just wondering why Dan Mullen would leave the SEC and a solid school like Miss. St. I remember just a few years ago he was a hot coaching prospect and he turn down Florida before Muschamp went there. That’s why it was odd he would be interested in UH.

Hire him today if possible.

I have a better chance of being our next coach than Art Briles. It’s not going to happen, nor should it.

pretty strong group of candidates…good HCs with good connections to Texas…lots of Leach and Briles guys and Leach himself…excellent…i am confident we will get an excellent coach.

Syracuse’s Dino Babers?

Other than a nice surprise in beating a top Va Tech team, he had a tough 1st year.
Pitt put up 76 vs them today.

His offense looked good at times but he doesnt have his style player yet.
UH hiring would be based on his potential from E Illinois & Bowling Green HC run and is a reach.