Duarte on Periscope - Sep 20th


  • Wilson’s status up in the air (later found out that he will be out this weekend), aggravation of the lower leg contusion from the Lamar game. Foot was in a boot Sunday and he didn’t practice
  • Ward is day-to-day, kind of a feel thing based on how he’s doing that day depends on how much he throws. Felt good Sunday. Will play against Texas State, but hoping that they can get him out early with the game in hand with the short turnaround to Thursday’s game against UCONN
  • Don’t know the ticket situation for Texas State
  • Guard spots are most fluid on depth chart. Fontana and Long are still the starters on the depth chart this week. Denley and Oliver are the backups.
  • Never been around a staff that publicly stated that they’d have to change play calls because of a former coach. Mayes originally was hired at James Madison, but Withers shortly after took the Texas State job and Mayes went with him as the OL coach and recruiting coordinator.
  • Nothing’s changed with Samples. Not even able to go through the concussion protocol to get back to practicing or playing. Even if he suddenly gets healthy, he’s still got to get back up to speed. Onlly practiced a few days in training camp.
  • No word on Dickson (later found out that he left the team).
  • Doctors said there is no greater risk for Ward to hurt his shoulder by playing. Probably won’t run that much this week if he can help it. Not a structural injury. Doesn’t expect Ward to play much, maybe 35 snaps.
  • Howard Wilson had a Jackboy performance the other night. Played well two years ago and was unlucky last year with the injury.
  • JJ Dallas wasn’t a factor on the depth chart when he left. Did return a punt for a TD the other night for the CC he’s playing for.
  • Teams are targeting Winchester so hopefully he can work through it
  • Austin Robinson isn’t on the 2-deep, did play against Lamar
  • Gushes about Oliver on the safety and Taylor’s INT where Oliver is pushing Taylor into the endzone (almost carrying him). Taylor made mention that it was amazing that a guy that big was even down there and had the wherewithal to push Taylor into the endzone.
  • Asked if Oliver would go in on offense around the goal line, said that it hasn’t been ruled out, but Catalon or Car would be the option.
  • Hadn’t heard anything about Dylan Moses or Chaisson. Moses should be coming in for a visit at some point
  • Hadn’t heard about former commit Jordan Elliott. He played in the Notre Dame game and made a tackle in another game.
  • OLine has to do a better job opening running lines that weren’t there at Cincy
  • Coach Herman has made it clear that King will be back at QB in the offseason. Floats between WR and QB rooms during the week. JD mentioned Kordell Stewart to King and King gave him a funny look like he didn’t know who he was. JD felt old at that point.
  • Doesn’t expect Sells to play this year. QB in good shape for the next few years.
  • Kyle Allen running scout team. Huge for OU game when he was Baker Mayfield
  • Taylor wasn’t named a Captain this year
  • Said that after a sack against Cincy, he came to the sideline and someone saidhe was bleeding. On cue, Taylor sucked his lip to remove the blood and the whole sideline went crazy. Like out of a movie.
  • Nothing new about Big 12. Last thing was Boren’s press conference where he didn’t really announce anything. Confused 10 is the perfect way to describe them. Mention’s Pete Thamel’s article that put percentages on what might happen – 60% UH/Cincy, 30% No Expansion, 10% Something Crazy.
  • Mentions that Paul Finebaum said UH should be in the Big 12.
  • Not sure how much support Houston has, but if they want to expand, Big 12 has to take Houston at this point. BYU too much baggage, UCONN doesn’t bring anything for football
  • Louisville game is a sellout
  • Don’t know if the folks in Austin are supporting Houston sincerely or as part of an agenda. Been told repeatedly that UT-Houston is not connected to this. Haven’t heard much lately on that subject.
  • Have not heard if UCONN game is a sellout.
  • MOB did what it does on Saturday. They’ve tackled sensitive issues before and amazed that folks would be outraged by it. Thought the Baylor fan that went up and confronted the band was ridiculous, especially after he was cheering Briles an hour earlier. Then throw in Oakman showing up in the locker room, security should have stopped him if they were doing their job. Grobe’s comment was ridiculous that he didn’t know who Oakman was; needs to go find out as his duty as a head coach. Was surprised that Rice issued a statement about the MOB and apologized to Baylor’s fans.
  • Coach Herman said to him that it didn’t matter who won the OU/tOSU game. Took the one call from Coach Meyer, but that’s about it.
  • Wondered why the OU backup QB was talking trash about tOSU.
  • Lot of buzz for the Louisville game. When’s the last time a game sold out 2 months early?
  • If you can’t run on Texas State, you’re in trouble.
  • No concern if Postma comes in against Texas State.
  • There’s one fan that always complains about how much coverage that UH gets in the paper every day
  • Mark Berman does a great job covering the school as well.
  • Some voters don’t really know how to put a ballot together (the guy that ranked the Coogs 9th this week).
  • National guys still high on the Coogs. Louisville did jump past the Coogs.
  • Doesn’t think it was a bad look struggling during the Cincy game. The 4th quarter on the road said something and the score, 40-16,said something as well.
  • Could beat Kirk Bohls in arm-wrestling (Bohls and him are good friends).
  • Talks about the Dan Patrick comments about getting UH and SMU to the Big 12 from today. Says “we’ll see how Oklahoma votes.” Says that Texas schools should vote for other Texas schools.
  • JD wasn’t “good enough” for the Daily Texan and instead went over and interned at the Statesman instead.
  • Will be at the Texas State game and will be making the rounds
  • Been talking to the Daily Cougar folks and trying to help them out since he didn’t get that in college
  • Justice didn’t have a carry in the game
  • A lot can change in 2 months before Louisville. Still have to play Clemson in 10 days. Don’t look too far ahead
  • Car looked much better this last game. Couple of good runs; one that setup a Ward TD
  • RB still a committee thing depending on who looks the best before the game
  • Catalon looked OK during the game. Problems he had were more due to the OL struggles
  • Says this season has been fun to cover so far (shows the Guy V bobblehead - showed it at the beginning too).
  • Will Periscope from the Texas State game beforehand
  • Son is 2 years old now and doing great. Also the reason JD is so tired. Pushing him to be a baseball player (lefthanded).
  • Don’t drive and watch JD
  • Wife met a bunch of UH fans during the lightning delay during the Lamar game
  • Will be at the Radio show tomorrow at Ragin Cajun tomorrow at lunch (1-2 pm)
  • Not a big barhopper, too old to hang out at bars
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Further notes from Practice:

Happens to the best of us.

Stewart was a phenomenal receiver. Made some sick catches. QB, not so much. Hopefully King can be both!

I had a pair of the “Slash” Nikes in Jr. high. Now I feel old.

“There’s one fan that always complains about how much coverage that UH gets in the paper every day”

Probably talking about me, but I call BS if that’s the case.

I would be glad to hear there are others. Says more about JD than it does about me. I actually present data to back up my complaints. That REALLY ticks them off and they do their little circle jerk about how much coverage UH actually gets. But again the data is the data. It’s not an opinion

Now having said that, I have never said an unkind word about JD. In fact I go out of my way to compliment his work and will try to be the bigger person and continue to do so.

When Todd Stone arrived he connected with me immediately and I have noticed a significant uptick in coverage. Mind you, this has for the most part never been about JD. These are editorial policies.

But JD seems to forget that when he first got here many who posted were all over him about being a UT Alum. I defended him publically and often. Bottom line, I’m not your enemy JD. And if you want to claim your comment was about someone else, well, you and I know the history. Sincerely, all the best.

PS Dang if this doesn’t show I follow all your work, to pull one comment out of all that.

Thanks for the summary Patrick!

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Really weird. Just saw a post earlier today that Porche Stewart was buying a new home after divorcing Kordell. Like I said, weird.

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