Duarte Periscope from Cincinnati

At the Great American Ballpark:


  • Shows off the ballpark, mentions he hasn’t been there in awhile
  • Will do a periscope tomorrow from the tailgates and possibly the press box
  • Catalon isn’t 100%, sore and needs to fight through it. Same with Ward.
  • Ward is about 90%. Went through normal routine during Tuesday’s practice. No expected issues
  • Samples still out indefinitely. Had 3 concussions (2 during spring). Holding out hope that he can play.
  • Could apply for a medical redshirt for him, but starting to sound like a Piland issue. Has problems with lights.
  • LG is Alex Fontana. RG is fluid. Mac Long and Marcus Oliver are competing there.
  • Cincy Enquirer says that game should be sell out. Fans say it will be a loud environment.
  • Backup RB by committee, Justice and Car
  • Work on silent counts with hand signals. Used them at NRG against OU.
  • Brandon Wilson is full go, has a lower leg contusion, but went through practice and is good
  • Cincy has 2 good RBs, both played last year - Green is physical.
  • Kiel threw for a ton of yards, but Moore is the starter and is quite capable
  • Lot of buzz. 1st Top 10 opponent at Nippert since 2006 (Rutgers).
  • Boren said Big 12 expansion is not a given and not to assume anything regarding expansion. Publicly, Big 12 has been wishy-washy. Would be a typical Big 12 move if they don’t expand after going through this whole process.
  • UH should call PAC 12 if Big 12 doesn’t expand. ACC next then B1G.
  • Believes Houston wins - key to get out to quick lead. Believes they will win by 10.
  • Not a lot of changes on depth chart for this game. King is #2 at slot. Fontana at LG and Long/Oliver at RG. Justice/Car listed as “or” at backup RB.
  • Dillon Birden was moved to CB last week, but is back to RB this week.
  • No word on Dickson - not looking good for him playing this year
  • Stevenson is still out for at least a couple of weeks with the collarbone injury. Is doing strength and conditioning exercises…hasn’t had sling on the last week.
  • Chance Allen hasn’t has the catches due to opportunities. Dunbar and Bonner have had match-ups
  • Lark is running 7th/8th on the depth chart
  • Cincy has a different offense this year…Miami Dolphins OC was hired - lost 2 good receivers including Shaq Washington.
  • 2 wins for Cincy really haven’t “moved the needle” for Duarte. Purdue is not a good measuring stick - lower tier P5. Good road win…1st over a B1G team since 1957.
  • No skyline chili. Duarte has never had it and won’t start now.
  • Lamar Jackson has looked really good and should be a Heisman Trophy candidate. Should be a tough game in November, but Louisville has to get by FSU.
  • Louisville was probably the toughest road game in Herman’s career so far. This game is probably #2.
  • D is #2 in run defense nationally this year and will be a key tomorrow.
  • Ed Oliver has lived up to hype. Whole DL has a good 5-6 man rotation. Able to get pressure early in both game so far.
  • Secondary still has to earn the Jackboyz. Shaky the first couple of series against OU. This game will be the next big test for them
  • Favorite stops covering baseball: Wrigley, San Diego, San Francisco, Old Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Coors Field
  • Biggest Offensive threat for Cincy: Hayden Moore
  • Like to see how Cincy running game does against UH front 7
  • Again, will do a periscope session pre-game tomorrow. Will be on the KPRC 950 AM pre-game show as well.
  • Shows off a very empty stadium there in Cincinnati

Thanks for these recaps, man. I never get to catch when he is on.

This has always been my desired outcome – even if Big 12 does expand.

Thanks for taking the time to put that recap together. Duarte does a great job covering Coogs but just can’t get enough of it in the paper.

Thank you very much. It is indeed interesting that Duarte brings up the possibility now. No one knows what is going on behind close doors. I still believe that the small12 has no choice but to expand and that we are in. No news here on the West Coast/Arizona about a possible PAC12 expansion…Silent is golden.

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