Duarte periscope from Thursday - Latest news

Goes on for about 45 minutes:

  • Letter from Bowlsby to Khator about Big12 expansion
  • Monday they’ll scale down physical aspect of camp and start working on OU
  • OU game close to a sellout
  • Catalon has a neck strain and should be back soon
  • Backup RB still hasn’t sorted itself out
  • Stevenson out
  • Samples has been out due to injury this week as well
  • Postma is the backup QB
  • Hoping Roy will be the punter
  • Patrick Carr will be coming in as a walk-on from Colorado - will sit out a year
  • Oliver and Wilder will see significant playing time this year
  • With JJ Dallas leaving the program, Wilder will definitely get playing time
  • Sheffield from Alabama is probably a longshot to come to UH
  • Slot WR: supposed to be Samples and Stevenson, but both hurt
  • Lark will get playing time
  • Not a lot going on publicly for Big 12 expansion right now - doesn’t mean nothing is going on
  • Rice has made their presentation
  • Mac Long may have moved ahead of Kam Eloph at RG, getting 1st team reps
  • Duarte moving houses right now
  • OU a good measuring stick for the rest of the year
  • DLine will probably see a 6-7 man rotation
  • Starting DBs - Winchester/B.Wilson, H.Wilson, Davis, K.Williams - Terrell Williams also looking good
  • Brandon Wilson may be on the outside - coaches trying to figure it out still
  • Both Smith’s in the secondary are looking good and should get time
  • No word on Dickson yet from the NCAA
  • Ward is a different guy - up to 190, hates to lose, been watching NFL QB film - spoke with Peyton Manning, speech classes - 4 days in Louisiana at Manning Camp did a lot for him
  • Replacing Roberts leadership qualities will be difficult
  • Duarte predicts an offensive game against OU with a lot of points
  • Herman thinks defense will be even tougher to run against this year
  • Locker room is incredible
  • Herman conducts business like Houston is in a P5 and has since he got here
  • Duarte thinks that the Pac 12 is a possibility if the Big 12 doesn’t work out, but right now all the eggs are in the Big 12
  • Dr. Khator loves the UH, very powerful woman, impressive - huge supporter of the athletic program
  • Duarte gets told a lot that he wishes he could tell, but can’t due to wanting to build relationships and wanting to confirm
  • Some “cool” stories coming out after the Olympics are over - Ed Oliver story should be in Saturday’s paper. Greg Ward cover story in a week.
  • Picks Ed in a circle drill against his brother
  • Roof decision will probably be made the morning of the game
  • Story that he put out with Benjamin Wermund was tedious - Over 100 emails they had to go through to put a story together. Nothing negative in email traffic.
  • Mentions that these Periscope sessions will be weekly and he’ll try to have guests. Will try to get Brian McTaggart on
  • Was an intern at the Dallas Morning News - was going to cover OU/OSU, but decided to come back to Houston
  • Dramatic transformation the last 4 years at UH
  • No rumors about Art Briles. Doesn’t think he should be talking at all.
  • Has not been on Tillman’s helicopter yet
  • Freshmen that will probably redshirt are the OL, DL except for Oliver, and QBs - skill guys will play (if not, there’s something wrong with them)
  • Duarte will be at Herman’s coach’s show
  • Working on a podcast - looking for names - probably do it every morning
  • Scott and Holman gets a shoutout - hasn’t been able to get on their Pawdcast
  • Lot of people think Kyle Allen will be the starter next year, but don’t count out Kyle Postma
  • Have to figure out what to do with King
  • Bear Fenimore is still on the roster, just can’t crack the depth chart
  • Sells will almost definitely redshirt, coaches are very high on him
  • Ed Oliver has a motor that doesn’t stop, fits in so well on this team
  • Will try to do another one early next week - had to run because he was getting on the radio in Tulsa

Pac-12 is obviously more stable and desirable, but the B12 has kind of a bird-in-the-hand feel.

Maybe we should be talking to the Arizona schools about trading spots. We can each go somewhere that we’ll feel wanted.

Great info. Thanks for the summary.

Thanks for the recap. I didn’t get to watch.

I would believe this myth if the Pac12 was not imitating the latest popular TV series …

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Awesome summary. Thanks for the writeup!

If UH has any shot at the PAC12 we need those Arizona schools. Otherwise we’re going to be hung out on an island like West Virginia.

I’ve kind of ragged on JD for not having anything in the Chronicle about UH, and I’m still serious about that. But this periscope was over the top. I can imagine the time and effort that went into it. Now it makes me wonder if he works for the Chronicle or CoogFans.

Pray, thank you for all the work you did to put this summary together.


Duarte is a stand up dude, perhaps even bonafide. I really like his work.

What? Do you mean the print or online version? Online, Duarte has something about UH pretty much everyday. He doesn’t control what goes in the print version, that is up to the editor.

Awesome recap

Pray10 - Great summary - Thanks

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I’m totally aware of that and have said so numerous times. I might have overstated my case because I don’t like bothering the guy. Nevertheless a weekly diet of UT and A&M and zero UH gets really old. So I’ve asked him about it. I’ve yet to receive a reply I know he’s busy, but so am I. That’s a wash. So I’ll just keep waiting I guess.

Echo everyone else. Really appreciate the rundown.

IMO, the secondary is going to be better than people think. I think Coach Washington (may have been someone else) said Howard Wilson has physical tools very similar to Jackson’s. Has a ways to go to be that good obviously, but he could be special. Khalil Williams will be really solid at FS, and we know B Wilson is an asset. Only marginal concerns are Davis, who is said to have had a strong camp, and Winchester.

Ed beat Na’Ty Rogers, our starting RT, in the circle drill. Mac Long lost to B Singleton, but Singleton is practically the immovable object, and it wasn’t completely one-sided. Long could really help with leadership and some size at RG.

I do hope Samples gets back, though I have concerns about three concussions. Allen and Dunbar are fine receivers, but it helps to have someone who can stretch the field at WR. I got the impression Johnson really blossomed in the spring, but he’s back on the second team. Well, maybe he’ll still get his chances.


My point is, you probably need to be asking the editor, not Duarte. He is pumping out content almost daily, he doesn’t decide what gets picked to get in the paper. That is the sports editor.

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