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Another dumb question from MECE86, but does UofH have an “official” class ring? And if so, which one is it? Family of a UofH relative wants to get him a ring as a surprise for his 50th birthday (hope he doesn’t read coogfans), but aren’t sure which design to get, so they asked me; I obviously don’t know either so I’m asking the board.

Fyi, my Dad has the gold ring with the red stone. Thought I was being cool when I got the one with the flat surface and antique black inlay lettering. I regret that decision, and now wish I had gone with the traditional design.


Yes, it does.

They started around 2007 or so.

I have one. It has a Zeke Cullen building engraving on one side, the UH seal on the other, and a big “UH” on top.

There’s even a ring “blessing” ceremony where they bring a big crate full of newly made rings to the zoo and have Shasta sit on it.

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I have the same ring and it says “in time” and BSEE on it.

I used to wear it all the time, but I bent it (10 karat) from slamming my hand on bar tables while watching the Coogs one too many times and my finger got fatter from age 30-40 so it doesn’t get worn as much anymore… I can probably start wearing it again since I don’t drink anymore :joy:

Mine cost a lot more than $720 though… And I didn’t get a diamond… I prefer the traditional look with the big UH instead of a stone and UH on the top of the ring.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I will forward this info to my cousin and they can run with it.

It was a bit before that. I graduated in 2007 and they weren’t brand new then.

That said, the pricing wasn’t that different from now to then which is surprising.

Me too, except mine says BSEET which was for Electrical and Electronics Technology.

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