Dunbar NFL Draft Prospect

This guy has elite hands and good size, do you guys see him going in the draft, and if so when?

Depends if hes invited to Combine if not hes drafted late. Hines (3rd) and Na’ty (2nd) Maybe Dunbar (3rd) to Combine. Everyone else has their pro day get 2 more drafted and Birden also goes drafted. IMO

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I think it’s all gonna depend on his 40.

even if its a 4.6-4.7, he is a big, strong, and tall dude with very soft hands, Owens came into the draft with a 4.7, I think there’s a place that can use his utility

There is a lot of talent in this class. Whether they get drafted idk. We’ve seen talented guys go undrafted and not really make it in the league, Steven Taylor comes to mind. I could see Dunbar, Adams, Both Williams’, Bonner getting drafted. Getting a combine invite and performing well could see them shoot up draft boards so it’s hard to say where they’ll be drafted.

birden is way to small to get drafted without putting up 4.3 speed…he is also injury prone…birden will struggle with even an UDFA…he NEEDS an official 4.4 or faster on his pro day

yeah but Taylor had a reaaaall bad 40 time, like 4.85 or something, but I think he was injured

I just think none of that should matter. They could be much quicker on the field.


I would imagine his 40 time would be slower than a 4.7. Ayers ran a 4.7 and chance Allen ran a 4.85 I believe and I think Dunbar is slower than both those guys. I remember going to a signing day event when Herman was coach and he kept joking how slow Dunbar was. It was in good nature but he kept doing it over and over.

but you never know… i thought ayers was 4.4… i thought greenberry was 4.7…ayers was 4.7, greenberry was low 4.5… greenberry technically has the fastest time recorded by any WR in recent years on a pro day/combine, dating back to avery

but no one is drafting dunbar for speed. the senior bowl/east west shrine game will have more of an impact on his stock…as long ass he doesnt do 4.75 or slower he’ll be fine

I think it takes Dunbar 40 yards to get to full speed! Just kidding. He is playing in the Senior bowl so if he does well there, I think his stock goes up. His stock went up in my mind Sunday with that shoestring catch but not sure how many scouts saw it.

There’s a place in the NFL for durable possession receivers. There’s also an award named after one of them. Starts with a “B”.

I think his vertical may be the determining factor

A lot will depend on his 40 and measurable. If he measures at 6’2+ 200+ and runs well, he could go late rounds because of his hands and physicality. The only guys for us who are draft eligible that I’ve seen grades on so far are Kyle Allen (7th/UFA), Nick Thurman (7th/UFA), and Linell Bonner (7th/UFA), so Dunbar is off the radar right now.

Ability to get open (good route runner) and good hands can go a long way at the next level. He’ll get a look for sure.


i secretly want one of the williams to be drafted… just to brag about being the dbu of texas…and getting a db drafted every year…which could be a streak that continues for while with davis and johnson (who will run a 4.3) next year

Don’t see anyone eligible getting drafted off this team. Hines MIGHT be a 7th rounder, but I wouldn’t bet on it. We really did lost a lot of talent off the '16 team–Bowser, Brandon Wilson, Steve Taylor, Howard Wilson, Cam Malveaux, Bryan Singleton, Chance Allen, etc.

we have a few players with measurables. and a few players with intangibles

i think ONE will get luckily and be picked late… we have so many fringe players, one of them will get lucky
(bonner, twill, kwill, na’ty, dunbar, thurman, adams)… all of them will get a udfa contract at least, all will be given a low round grade…

twill and dunbar could even be 3-5th rounders if the hype train falls on them (which is pure luck). they are both 6’4/6’3 respectively, at this point last season bowser was project 7th-udfa, 3 months later he was lower 1st-early 2nd projections …a trend ive notice is January projections tend to be based on performance, but as soon as the season is over, they start looking at measurable.

I don’t know how fast he is, but his moves and routes are just as important as speed. A guy running a 4.6 40 is running at 8.6957 yards/second. A guy running a 4.3 40 is covering 9.3023 yards per second. The 4.3 guy will cover 42.79 yards in the same time the 4.6 guy covers 40. So, if 4.6 guy catches ball 40 yards from the goal line and had used his route running and agility to get a 3 yard lead, the 4.3 guy will not catch him before he scores if both are running at full speed. That’s why Jerry Rice was so good, even though he was a 4.6 guy.

Dunbar is really reliable. He will catch on somewhere. Makes nice catches, is good making a grab when smothered. Of course, we don’t see all the good WRs playing at other schools, but gotta think he has an even chance.

I think Na’Ty Rodgers might be someone that moves up some draft boards and may be able to get into the late to mid rounds. He’s a solid pass blocker with good size and speed.

Dunbar, Thurman, Adams, and T. Williams will have to have good pro days and sessions to get looks, but none will probably get drafted. Wouldn’t be surprised to see all of them be signed to training camp.