Dunleavy fired at Tulane

Tough job.

Tulane is a tough place to win. Even though it’s a great academic institution, I wouldn’t want to live in a city that is BELOW sea level.


I’d like to see Tulane develop a great bball program. Very little downside to it from a UH perspective.

I watched Mike Dunleavy when he played for Frank McGuire at South Carolina and have followed his career ever since. Taking the Tulane job was an odd move for somebody with all of those years in the NBA and no apparent ties to the school or the area.


Disappointed in Mike. Always respected him as a coach but he could not even coach Tulane to a winning record.

They should go for Billy Kennedy. Good coach with ties to the area. Seeking a rebound, but I could see him having success and sticking around for a long time.

Same could be said for Andy Kennedy.

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He has health issues and that could be an issue

Should hire Will Wade. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The AD said a few weeks ago that Dunleavy was for sure coming back. Going 0fer in conference will change that I guess.

Tulane is a tough job, but Dunleavy was there for 3 years and two of those were the worst two seasons Tulane has had since 1990.

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The conference needs Tulane and ECU to be better. The American has the 6th best non-conference winning percentage at 71.1% with them with them going 4-9 and 7-6 in non-conference.

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