Dylan Moses

Commits to Alabama, dag nabit!

Lots of time to flip him.

Yep, I imagine there will be absolutely no more drama around this guy!


What ?!! Lol. Didn’t he said that he wanted to wait until January 1, 2017 on Sports center. Makes you wonder if he was pressure to commit on the spot.

I’m $ure Mo$e$ ¢ame to a balan¢ed, well informed de¢i$ion and ¢on¢luded he didn’t need to wait until De¢ember.


You’re right ohcoog. The way this recruitment went down, it rarely happens.

Bama has won 4 out of the last 7 national titles… Hard to go against that.

Can’t say choosing Bama is necessarily a bad decision, but I get the points others are making. This kid is one week removed from scheduling 5 official visits between now and December. Then he takes one visit to Bama and commits. That seems pretty fishy to me.

Truth is, he may not see the field until he’s a junior there. I know these kids want to go to the schools with the best football pedigree, but I think so many of them are missing out on the opportunity to play 4 years instead of 2. Oh well. Best of luck to him.


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