Earl Bennett, former Vandy Commodore and Chicago Bear

Just received his PhD from the University of Houston.



I saw that on social media.

What did he get his Ph.D in?

I don’t know. His wiki hasn’t been updated.

His undergrad’s in Educational Studies from Vandy.

I’d guess it’s some sort of degree in education.

His wiki says he’s the Director of Player Development at Vandy since 2021. So my guess is he spent a couple of years in town to complete his classwork before taking that job, and worked on his dissertation while in TN.

I enjoy stories like this. Congratulations Dr. Bennett. Please accept this virtual handshake :handshake: and well wishes.


Philosophy. Defended his dissertation that was about equity and equality in college athletics.

“Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in University Athletic Departments.”

That sounds like Education, not Philosophy.

It really does. Or sports management, not sure if there is a phd in that. But I followed the link in the twitter to the nytimes and that is what was reported.

Sociology even.