Early 2022 Pre-Season rankings



Wow. It’s been a few of years since we had that kind of preseason hype. :joy:


I know everyone still needs to go “portaling” and what not……but I figured we would open pre-season rankings in the top 5.

It is well deserved.


I waiting for one/some of our experts post it’s too high
My comeback is why not, 1) Kelvin Sampson is the coach, and 2) what other teams and why


That’s some rarefied air…but justified.

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Wow. I got into the high teens with Gonzaga and thought “Damn, did they really not rank us?! Typical!” I did not expect that

Wowza :boom:

I will bet you we are in the top 5 of most of the polls.


Wonder where Seth Davis will have us? Our conference will get no respect and the moment we lose a game are we will drop.
I don’t care. Let them play their silly games as.long as we are ripe in March


I haven’t been shy about this. Land a big, we’ll be preseason number 1.


Hopefully after whoopin that a$$ two years in a row we will not be underestimated/disrespected quite as much……at the least they should know Quad 1 games are not the be all end all……every opposition’s fan board of teams we played in the tournament mentioned over and over that we played no one and we were a “ paper tiger” etc……it was all based on lack of Quad 1 wins and therefore our other metrics must be skewed….

So like I said, hopefully the average basketball “expert” will give us the benefit of the doubt in the future……think the program has earned at least that much respect.


Agreed. The fact that we were punished because of Tulane and Temples early season struggles is nonsensical at best and corrupt at worst.

After this season Quad 1 wins should be decreased in value

“Heat Check CBB” I have never heard of them. How legit are they?

No clue but reading through the scouting reports seems like this guy does his research

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There pretty legit and produce a lot of good cbb content

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