ECU vs Houston - AAC Tournament Womens Championship 8pm ESPNU (Bid or Go Home)

theres already a thread in the lady sports forum but maybe 5 people here check that…so i decided yolo, to make a thread here since its such a major game

General context for those who dont follow at all:

  • Its win and NCAA tournament or lose and the season is over
  • we are 15-15 this season, but got way better as the season went on, did horrendous in the non con… have a chance to turn it around with 1 game
  • the 1 and 2 seed of the tournament have been upset…so this isnt a crazy underdog story
  • we played ECU once this year, they won in triple overtime at their place

our star player is junior Laila Blair.1st team all-league. has been the captain of the team since she was a sophomore, once upon a time was one of the highest recruits we ever landed for the womens team. she is a guard who can really shoot



Here’s the thing.

Assuming we win, wouldn’t we get a really bad seeding because of our overall record?

As in 14-16?

yes… but when you start the year 2-9. any seed is a great seed


Do you know what they call the lowest seed in the dance? A team in the dance. Who cares how we got there, Go ladies.


Forgive my ignorance, this is the women’s most important game in how long?

we havent made the tournament in 11 years … none under the current regime … only one since 2005…
weve only been to the tournament 5 times in history


Right now, it’s looking like the men’s team will be playing ECU, also.

Plan to stay for the game.

I used to remember Coach Joe Curl and his team of Chandi Jones, Nicole Oliver, Angela Curl probably the only wbb games I ever watched. Sadly, he passed way and Angela is married to Patrick Okafor one of our very talented JC recruits during Clyde’s time. Exhausted all my wbb knowledge :joy:
Go Coogs.



I just noticed that our Lady Coogs are actually a 3.5 pt. FAVORITE, even though ECU has 22 wins.

I guess they figure that if we could play ECU to 3OTs on the road, then we’ll surely beat them on neutral turf.



I see game time updated to 8:25 on ESPN website.

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just tipped

Is that Fabian’s mom in the background?


So the this game & the next game @ Dickies Arena tomorrow will pit the same two Schools. :upside_down_face:

Coogs pitching a shutout!

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This is the first game that I have tuned into of the Lady Coogs this season and it’s certainly a different type of basketball than the men’s.

Coogs up 11-2 after 1 Qtr.

Edit: and Blair was scoreless I’m pretty sure.

They’re athletic and fight. I saw them lose a close one at SMU and watched a few on the +.

Lets win this!!

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I was wondering the same thing… sounds just like Fabian’s mom!!

This game is kinda like watching paint dry


UH should be up 20-2