Ed. - don't buy from re-sellers RE: Las Vegas Bowl- 50 Yardline Seats!

Hey CoogFans!

If you’re headed to Vegas for the big game and need the best seats in the house, XXXXXX Tickets has a special currently on lower level midfield seats on the Coog sideline in section 128, we have a limited number of seats on special now for just $135ea! Give us a call at XXXXXX or email XXXXX to check availability…Mention this ad to receive $25 off your order.

Go Coogs!!

Please buy your tickets from UH. If you buy from ticket vendors/resellers/scalpers you are sticking UH with the bill for unsold tickets. Thanks in advance.


Very important to buy from UH.


In addition: every ticket you buy adds a point to your Cougar Pride Point accumulation. It’s a benefit to you if you buy from UH.


Alternatively, if you’d rather sit in decent seats instead of crappy 10-yard-line seats, buy from Stubhub.

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Wife and I can’t make it to the game. I talked with ticket office about buying 2 tickets for students and was told there has not been too much activity from students in the ticket office. Left my name and telephone number in case 2 students inquire about tickets to the Las Vegas bowl as I’ll buy through U of H. Also if anyone knows of 2 students wanting free tickets have them contact Jake in the ticket office and mention they heard a Cougar Pride member is willing to purchase 2 tickets and Jake will get in touch with me.

Update - I also talked with UHAA and they are asking for donations directly to UHAA to help sponsor the band, cheerleaders and students.


Why do they give the universities such crappy locations and force them to buy 10,000 seats. Seems like everything is rigged against the teams and the fans.

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If you do not want to help U of H sell our ticket allocation contact the Las Vegas bowl direct (UNLV ticket office, I think?). There were seats available in section 128 upper level.

People though should still really try to buy from UH, otherwise UH is stuck with the bill. Or at least buy a couple and donate to students.