Ed Oliver Sighting

Sack for the Bills.


Ed could really use a break-out season… maybe this is it.

all my buddies keep asking “what happened to him?” and I dont have an answer.

is he just not living up to the hype?

He’s been playing like an average NFL player and not like a Top 10, 1st round draft pick.

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I do not think he ever got back his explosiveness after his knee injury. I remember his Freshmen/Soph years it looked like the whole offensive line was in slow motion compared to him. Did not see that his jr year at UH.

DTs take a while to develop in the NFL. Linemen on either side don’t exactly pack the stat sheet in their first couple years, and that goes double for interior guys.

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He had 3 tackles.

Still has issues getting off pass block. Still needs to work on his hands.