Ed Oliver

Having a hell of a day this morning/afternoon against the Lions.

5 tackles. 2 tackles for loss. 2 QB hits. 1 sack. 1 fumble recovery.


And now a safety!


Jim Nantz always makes sure everyone knows where he’s from. True Cougar!


Considering that everyone is watching this game this is great for our program!


Contract time?

This game was great up until 30 seconds left when the entire city of Houston got to hear about the weather.


Andy and others at Gallery Sports putting out lots of UH content.
Five articles just on Nov 21st.

Now that Mattress Mac is in business w UH Hoop. Houston Cougars needs a stand alone menu choice on the top of the page.

Ed Oliver is amazing. Glad he’s a Coog. There are really a lot of Coogs doing big things in the NFL right now.


This is our “Heidi” game


You just dated yourself, but so did I because I remember the incident.

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seriously though - that khou weather guy stumbling through that emergency weather alert was like a really unfunny, flat saturday night live skit… somebody over there completely fell asleep at the controls. you had the feeling that even he could not believe they had him on live tv doing the sirens drill about that nonsense…

glad Ed is playing well coming off the injury time earlier this year.

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He is getting hammered on twitter and it’s uncalled for. It likely was not his decision. However, KHOU really screwed that up.

He did announce early on that he was staying on the air until the threat of tornado’s no longer existed. Game was replayed on NFL channel a bit later . . . . .

Cajun weather (a little language)

We saw that. The only reason we were interested is because it was literally our neighborhood in the path of it if it formed into a tornado, otherwise it was cringe to watch him try to navigate that broadcast.

The one handed sack - safety on Goff was one of the baddest things I have seen in the league in ten years.


pretty badass!!!

Bills at Pats on now. Amazon.

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