Elected officials, police chiefs on leaked Oath Keepers list


Elected officials, police chiefs on leaked Oath Keepers list (yahoo.com)

They are entitled to belong to any legal organization as we have freedom of association. Membership will boost the electoral chances of some and damage the chances of some. Being criticized for membership is a function of free speech, too.

This ain’t optimal, but not exactly a secret.

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I sure as Hell wouldn’t vote for anyone that I saw on a list such as that.

Perversion of patriotism.


Not shocked one bit. Too many have fetishized the military and police and peverted into a twisted form of patriotism.

As for the military, there are extremist organizations for military members are barred from participating in, or at least, that was true back in my day.

Not sure if Oath Keepers is one that list.

Let me research.

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Apparently mere “membership” may not be prohibited, but engaging in any activity related to the extremist group is banned.

That means even posting social media content favorable to them is suspect.

See this Air Force JAG memo:


Just another aspect of American history, where 2 million KKK marched down the street of Washington D.C… quite proudly the early 20th century with hoods and all. The beat goes on.

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Two idiots don’t make a genius


Laws are only for the little people

Ah, spoken like a Trump supporter. Laws, rules and norms don’t apply to him, right?

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No I’m talking about Brandon

So lets see if we have this right about you and your posts…

Your anti science
Election denier
Cheered jan 6
Q anon sympathetic
Hate minorities, immigrants of color and LBBTQ
Wants to defund law enforcement and use them to punish polical rivals
Craves an authoritarian rule
Admires facist/nazi politicians, won’t denounce them either
Likes when poster make homophobic slurs
Fixated on pushups

Are you also a mysoginist? Did i miss others?