Election Predicition Contest

Everybody on this board is an expert, so here is your chance to prove it! I have grabbed the projected margins (spread) from FiveThirtyEight for the races below. Post your predictions including the margin (Ex: Beto +8.9 over Abbott would mean you think Abbott wins by less than 8.9% or Beto wins outright) just like in sports betting. Maybe there will be a prize.

Texas Governor:
Abbott (R) -8.9
Beto (D) +8.9

Arizona Senate:
Kelly (D) -3
Masters (R) +3

Georgia Senate:
Warnock (D) -1.2
Walker (R) +1.2

Florida Senate:
Rubio (R) -7
Demings (D) +7

Pennsylvania Senate:
Fetterman (D) -1.1
Oz (R) +1.1

Ohio Senate:
Vance (R) -2
Ryan (D) +2

Utah Senate:
Lee (R) -8.6
McMullin (I) +8.6

Wisconsin Governor:
Michels (R) -0.7
Evers (D) +0.7

Nevada Governor:
Lombardo (R) -0.9
Sisolak (R) +0.9

Tie Breaker: Project the House split with an exact number (435 seats - Rs in the 220s and Ds 200s is estimated)

I have no reason to believe the polls are wildly off so hard for me to participate. Lol

Boooooo! I do want Law97 involved so we can print it.

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