Electricity Providers

i sold energy so ya i know how shady AF they are


Hold my beer, soldier.

Do you have a variable or two stage compressor? That really makes a difference

I have two compressors for my large house. I couldn’t give you any more details on them than that.

Me and my neighbor have the same size house. I have a 16 seer two stage. I keep it 74 degrees during the day and 68 at night. My bill was $200. My neighbor has a single stage 14 seer compressor they keep thiers at 78 and thiers was $350. Supposedly we have the same rate .16 kwh. A two stage compressor has two speeds 60% and 100%. It only runs at the level that it needs to keep up. Also it tends to run longer and does not cycle off and on as much. Cycling off and on uses alot if energy. It also controls the humidity better. A variable speed is even better, but I couldn’t justify the cost.

Yea in humid houston, you need at least a 2 stage unit. But yes the variable is much more modern, it’s computer controlled. And they are inverter ready for solar/generator.

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So far my energy ogre subscription has been worth it.

I’ve been using Energy Ogre for a few years now and couldn’t be happier. I use it for my residential and commercial properties, 0 headache bc nearly 0 administrative work for me.

Plus, they are UH sponsors.

What do they do that power to choose dosent?

They monitor it for you and know your usage to find you the best deal. That’s really it.

If you aren’t willing to spend the time to keep up with it, it’s a really good deal and they will save you money. Otherwise, you can do the same thing yourself.


Got it. I used thier calculator and it would actually cost me more with them with thier $10 mth fee.

They monitor and analyze your usage to determine which provider can give you the best rate and contract.

With powertochoose, this is something we can 100% do on our own, but Energy Ogre and similar companies do all of the analysis and administrative work, users just have to sign stuff here and there.

It’s uber helpful for me bc I juggle residential and commercial properties, one less thing on my plate. For commercial rates, there isn’t a Powertochoose like website so I literally had to call companies for quotes…

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Feel like Gexa misled me on the plan they locked me into. Based on the recommendation of this board I tried Energy Ogre. I will get my cancellation fee back in 3 months. The total saving expected is over $1,000 in year one


So Energy Ogre has already switched my provider automatically. Is this typical?

Yes. That’s what you pay them for.

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In exchange for $10 a month, they monitor your contract and optimize your spend. Sometimes it entails moving you to a new company. We’ve had an outstanding experience with them - save us roughly 30% over several years.

This actually pretty awesome. I only look at the market when its time to renew, never thought to constantly look for better rates. That’s $10 well spent if you ask me, I’d spend more than an hour doing research and my time is worth more than $10 an hour to do the legwork.

My contract isn’t up till June but this thread got me wondering what rates were today and one of the first ‘discount’ plans I came across was this one…Good Lord are they screwing people in small homes or apartments now!!!

Man we eff poor people every chance we get…this is despicable IMHO.


The old adage that its more expensive to be poor.