Electricity salesmen in stores

I encountered two aggressive electricity salesmen in the entrance of Kroger this morning. First time to see them there. I’ve seen them in places like Walmart and Target a lot.

I know the financials on it favor the stores but I can’t help but think their customers don’t like it. I’d like to see the internal data on it. The electric provider is paying a nice fee for every sign up so the store has no related expenses other than risking the customer experience.
Do these people bother you guys, too? I completely avoid that area of the store when they’re there. I guess I don’t like people cold-selling me when they know I’m not there to buy their product. Its not like fury. Its more like, “Oh man! Not you again.” I’ve seen them and the Comical set up tables in the exit at HEB. But for some reason that doesn’t irk me.

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I can usually avoid them. Where I live currently the management takes care of electricity so I have no say. I’m sure there are some guidelines and if someone is too aggressive and generating complaints they would at the very least be replaced.

My go-to response that usually backs them down pretty quickly…

“No, thank you.”

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I haven’t seen them but maybe it’s because I’m not in grocery stores very often.

Agree about the “no thanks” comment above. I do that and keep walking with salesmen. I avoid all high pressure sales tactic situations. I’m not getting sucked into something. Lol

They make you say it every time you walk by, though.

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I hear ya. Truth is I’m kind of an ass so it doesn’t bother me. Haha.

I think you should write your Congressman.