Elephant in the Room

UH attendance at Rice we as low as I have seen it. Are we going to make an effort to fill it up this weekend? Remember, our lack of attendance was a big reason why we have been left out since 1996.

Its time for the fan base to make a move and act like the B12 program we wanted to be 25 years ago.

Grassroots effort time!! No one will hand you a full stadium. Start calling.texting, snapping…now


Well, you know we hometown Coogs will be there (if you are a poster and are physically able, but do not attend, then just turn in your fan card), but our fan base is notoriously fickle.


Yep, that’s how I see it too. We also need to get to decent number of season tickets. Unless we
want history to repeat itself and get left in something
less than an “A” league when the next conference
earthquake hits. Our number of Cougar Pride members needs to quadruple.

I fully appreciate the fact that attendance and season ticket sales may not be the most critical factor anymore, with subscriptions, number of viewers, etc being a bigger role. But when I look at the financials of some elite schools, a significant portion of their revenue stream comes from donations and to lesser degree ticket sales. So individual committed fans still matter. But I realize
I’m preaching to the choir here. Everybody on this board is probably doing all they can. So that leads us back to engaging with non alumni Houstonians and getting current students hooked for life.

We won’t have issues selling tics once in the big 12. We will have games that matter with all p5 home games. Imagine us in the aac scheduling baylor , ok st, west vir, tcu etc. It will be ok.

Some people have things to do lol doesn’t mean they aren’t real fans

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I’d say that’s true when we are in the aac for some but now in the big 12, we need to step up now bc we’re feeling good and now is the time.

Then they surely shouldn’t biotch about attendance if they don’t make it themselves.

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I hope that’s right, but remember our being in the
SWC, which was a P5 equivalent, and games with tcu’s , baylor’s, rices, and tech were not well attended.


The people who can’t make it won’t complain about attendance lol


Yay! Who is a real fan or not a real fan!? Get out the truth serum and the polygraph machine.


We’re a diff school than back then. We have more students on campus and now our base is energized.
The student sec is awesome and full for most games. It will be diff this time around. I see sellouts.

Is it still the 1970s, 80s or 90s?

That was a different time and place. TCU’s attendance sucked in the 70’s and 80’s…ditto Baylor.

I went to a Baylor-TCU game in early 80’s with a high school friend. We were having peanut fights with some girls seated 50 feet from us.

Fans attend games when we’re winning games. I think that’s been proven dozens of times.


We had 44.000 at the Tech game… home attendance should be fine… But we need to start winning and look like we are going to be competitive when we get in Big 12…


I think there is something else going on with our alums.

I know many UH alums that could literally care less about any news that involves UH athletics, or the growth of the university, for that matter.

Like they are disgusted in news about their Alma mater…like they would never think of going to a game even if you gave them free tickets. We could be invited to the SEC and they still would respond with…so, who cares!

I can’t put my finger on it but has anyone else experienced this by our alums?

Should we just call them a lost cause and move on to the younger alums who have more passion?

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I have friends who graduated from Ohio state and Harvard who aren’t involved with anything at their old schools. It’s a waste to try to get them involved and we shouldn’t try to convince our alumni and save those resources foe people who are interested.

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Lost cause. Don’t waste your time. Our growth is coming from 20-somethings. I don’t even consider them (non-supporters) UH alums.


Neither TCU nor Baylor would have a good crowd for Grambling coming off two losing seasons.


Some do. I should have phrased it as, “People who are physically and financially able, live in the Houston area, and have no conflicting schedules, that do not go to the games should turn in their fan card.”

Fan is short for fanatic. A fanatic doesn’t just have a mild awareness or passing interest in the games. A person can be a loyal UH alumnus and not be a sports fan, or be a fan of another sport; however, to be a UH football fan, I would think one should go to the games and support the team if they are physically and financially able, live in the Houston area, and have no conflicting schedules. That’s my opinion. You are entitled to yours.

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