Elizabeth Holmes......CONVICTED!

My high school’s most INfamous graduate just got convicted on four counts of fraud.


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The cynic in me days this week be another shining example of American justice… Where you’re alomst always better off stealing in the millions to billions the than robbing a liquor store.

Y’all want to speculate what her sentence will be and what actual time served will be ?

I’m thinking she will spend at most 7-9 years in prison, but I don’t even know what the
law states as time for her convicted crimes. Being a new mom and all, will that play into
the sentencing ?

Agreed for all the check marks in correct column for a slap on the wrist sentence.

Of course, Go BIG or go home !

Being a new mom SHOULDN’T play into her sentencing…

20 years max per count. With that said, she gets 2 years, off time served and a bunch of community service.

She faces up to 20 years in the federal pen on each charge.

Stacking of sentences (i.e. up to 80 years) is hypothetically possible, but hardly ever happens in these types of cases, thus, any sentences will likely run concurrently.

One thing’s for sure. Federal sentencing guidelines usually require you to do about 80% of your sentence.

In TX, even if she got 20 years, she’d likely only do about five, and almost certainly wouldn’t do more than 10 because of the way TX parole laws “work.”

But with the Feds, you generally do most of your time.

Lucky for her, those federal pens are a lot more comfortable.

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Thanks for the clarifications. So it sounds like you expect she will do about 16 years actually in prison.

Now in this case, the jury will decide , or recommend the sentencing, and the judge can accept
or override their input ? If 16-20 years looks like the likely outcome, does an appeals process
come into play or option for defendant to pursue ?

I thought it interesting it was reported that she wasn’t immediately taken into custody. Is that normal or some indication of how the judge may be leaning ?

Not necessarily. 20 is the MAX she could get on each.

Suppose she only gets 10. Then she’ll do about 8.

Yes, she can appeal, and likely will.

In State courts, each Defendant can choose whether to go to the Judge OR Jury for punishment.

In TX, if the jury gives you probation, then the judge determines the length and type. If the Jury gives a sentence, it’s binding, but can be appealed.

Not sure how the Feds operate, but I’m guessing it’s similar.

I just read that there is no minimum sentence for Holmes’ offenses, so a slap on the wrist is still hypothetically possible.

We’ll see!

If you have Spotify this is worth the listen. Her entire story is bizarre.

I really think it’s very likely. She checks all the boxes for a lighter sentence all three W’s wealthy, white, woman, and white collar crime. And if it’s a jury doing the sentencing I’m focusing on defrauding companies and wealthy investors because I could frame that as a pretty harmless crime as well.

She also defrauded a lot of innocent people who had to rely on her bogus blood test results…reliance that could have cost them their lives.

I’m sure she’ll make the case that, as a new Mother, her son will grow up without one if she gets a lengthy sentence. We’ll see how that plays. Getting knocked up as she awaited trial was probably a good strategic move in that regard.

And If I’m the prosecution for sentencing that’s what I hammer. An angry jury I’m sure it’s much harsher than say an ambivalent one.

My suspicion as well…but I hated to be that cynical this early in the year. Kid as
get out of jail ( or minimization) card.

I read the book on Theranos “Bad Blood” and she is a sociopath.

Sad, but probably will be a factor.
I’m thinking I way over estimated what the time served will actually be now.