Elizabeth Holmes Trial Begins

This should provide some good drama.

Thus far, it looks as though Holmes’ defense is “my boyfriend made me do it.”


They used to bang her drum loudly on CNBC.

Let’s just say that she’s one of my high school’s most INfamous graduates.


Here’s an article written by an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston Law Center about the Holmes trial.

Her defense strategy of “My Boyfriend Made Me Do It,” is certainly high-risk, to say the least!

I read “Bad Blood”. Wild, wild read.

If you’re a commuter then there’s a great podcast about her as well

The Dropout

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Kind of cute in a sicko sort of way. :joy:

She can look hot when she gets glammed up for balls, etc.

But if you go on YouTube and listen to her interviews, you’ll see that she has a really masculine sounding voice that’s totally UNattractive.

Her voice and mannerisms were completely affected. She apparently idolized Steve Jobs

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Thought I read that as well…she added the deeper voice as part of her gig to come across as more powerful. Conscious decision…weird.

What can I say. Heights had his Amy and UHlaw has his Elizabeth .

Listened to that as well.

Wild $hit.

I just listened to the first two episodes of the podcast, and it’s even WORSE than I thought!

What a con artist!!!

I can only hope that the prosecution can prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt!

That kind of blasé disregard for basic ethical values is not exactly uncommon in Silicon Valley. And it’s kicked up another notch when it directly impacts someone’s health.

I hope they are able to find her guilty as well.

Based on the young people we’ve hired, basic ethical values are scarce

Her voice isn’t unattractive. Its #### frightening!

Her voice is kind of sexy in a sicko sort of way.


Omg…I’m gonna let you have that one and I’ll take her friend.