"Elmer Yuen on the latest on Xi house arrest I Who will head CCP? I Is Kissinger getting involved?"

Speculation and rumors are spreading in China and outside China, Xi may have been overthrown and is under house arrest.

P.S. hasn’t been seen in public for 10 days since since his coming back from a unexpected shorten foreign trip in central Asia back to China. Also I looked at the Globaltimes.cn A CCP mouthpiece no mention of Xi. Also try to get into the People’s Daily the main CC mouthpiece website is slow to come up, which means heavy traffic on the site. But it does come up it’s has one article on Xi sending condolences to Russia in public shootings. No other mentions

Lockdowns don’t work

Not going to get reputable sources considering CNN, Bloomberg and other major media sources have considerable Chinese iinterest. China politics is a very opaque, they don’t announce anyhing, you have to read the tea leaves. People never realized Mao was desposed for years as the real leader ( was a figure head by the Party for a number of years) for his disastrous great leap forward results, where millions of Chinese died from famine, history, recently history has learned of this deposing. His Cultural Revolution was a result of that by him to regain his power as the true ruler. As stated by analyst is all rumor and speculation. But if you see major shifts in their policies announced by Xi one in goes public, you know something up. Chinese leadership wants to make money not war. Xi policies are getting in the way of doing that.

Damn it, he would show up, right when I was starting to have some fun with this thread, he’s a Communist Party Pooper.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lol…that was funny


Remember kids! The CCP is our enemy.

Actually, they are more a dangerous rival than an enemy, a competitor for power and influence. Our economies are intertwined. Travel is pretty much open between the countries.

But yeah, I’d prefer them much weaker.

I think my comment was based on the fantasy that Russia is our enemy. It is portrayed in media and entertainment as such. On purpose i might add… Truth is China is our enemy. The good news is the military ever since the mid 80’s is fully aware of that fact and has been acting accordingly.

Until the invasion of Ukraine, Russia wasn’t even much of a competitor to the West, never mind an enemy. The Russian economy is the size of Italy’s and smaller than the economy of California. An underdeveloped country with nukes, but no conventional military power they can effectively project, as we’ve seen these last seven months.

However, the Euros (and the US to an extent) thought that modern nations wouldn’t wage full-scale wars, which are bad for most business, finance, etc. Lots of really smart people with access to good intelligence assessments missed on Ukraine. Now we know.

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Even as far back as 2014 when everyone was shocked Russia took Crimea, no underlying motivation existed. Putin wasn’t in political trouble (needing to distract the people), had the support of the middle class generally, and the economy was shipping commodities such as O&G, minerals, etc.

This is just a poorly-calculated misadventure that sets Russia back over a decade. They have a declining population which will be impacted by lives lost (families never started), and their brain drain has accelerated. Is Putin nuts? At the very least he’s obsessed with restoring the USSR’s footprint. That’s not going well.

In Putin’s zeal to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO, he ultimately caused two other neighbors (Finland and Sweden, heretofore neutral) to likely join it.

BIG miscalculation!

Explain. How is Russia not a threat?


Russia is certainly a threat to all Western interests; his invasion of Ukraine establishes that.

As for China…it’s more of a competitor than a threat.

But we certainly want to limit China’s influence as much as possible.

The last thing we need is for an authoritarian communist party dicatorship model like China’s to “catch on” globally.

Russia hadn’t been an enemy (again) until recently, though always a threat via nukes. Zero threat to US territory by conventional warfare.

I disagree. Russia has always been a threat and competitor on the world stage.

Sorry. Did not mean to say not a threat. Everyone outside of the US can be considered a threat. Russia is a threat. I am just saying that China and has been the bigger threat to the US than Russia. We should always keep our eyes on China. As stated earlier I know our military has always seen China that way. I am just concerned that the average American does not think that way.

I don’t think the average American sees it because we do a lot business with them. I understand the lower cost of production. Our capitalist system thrives on cheap labor but our own dollars are helping an adversary

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