Elmo's Legacy


Here is a recent Elmo Wright video

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I’ve told everyone for years who would listen, in my opinion Elmo Wright is the best offensive football player in UH history.
Not only was he the NCAA alltime leader in career touchdown receptions when he left UH, he’s also the best receiver down-field blocker I’ve seen.

Had the pleasure to watch him play for all 3 seasons at UH.

Have never since seen a better WR at UH.

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THAT’S because we have never - ever - had a better receiver than Elmo! And I have a little story to tell about that too.

I used to have a little dog, who lived to be almost 19; my vet said she was the oldest dog patient he had ever treated. Her name was Tina, and she used to catch little balls in the air - balls that I had brought home from Cougar basketball games.

And, then one day I brought home a small football from one of the football games, and I began to throw that for her to catch. I would throw the ball for her, and tell her to catch it like Elmo! And she would catch it too - so long as I threw it right - to spin in the air like a properly-thrown football. It took her a little time to get used to that; after all, it acted differently in the air from a small basketball. I think Tina thought I was crazy at first, but she learned to catch that ball in the air - - just like Elmo!

I will always remember Tina when I think of Elmo!


This is a great pod cast and worth your time if
you don’t know who Elmo is. Elmo makes a lot of
good points about football and life in this interview too.
We are fortunate we can call him a coog.