Elon Musk's 56 Billion Tesla pay package struck by courts

Is that french for a white flag of surrender?

@92010Coogs When you have nothing constructive you juat post gif huh? How is Casa Legoland?

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One thing I don’t understand is how he would be able to take those things away from Tesla without compensating the shareholders at some sort of fair market value. Add to that, you know that if he does, there will still be litigation over any deal made.

This is a little more of an evenhanded article about the same thing. It contains this nugget of wisdom… the emphasis added with italics was mine.

The guy would already have about 25% of the company with his 2018 compensation package and if he didn’t sell stocks to buy Twitter. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Speaking of the 2018 compensation package, the reason it was rescinded was because a judge found that Elon had too much undue influence on the board. The board is now proving the judge’s point, as they are not doing anything about the CEO making this threat. It’s ridiculous.

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I’m not aware of what the role of a “proxy advisory firm” is or who pays for it ot whatever. What I find particularly interesting is their recommendations on the two directors that are on the proxy. They recommend retaining Murdoch but not Kimball Musk. Of course one investor group (I posted previously) was advocating against retaining either.

Certainly interesting from a business governance perspective.

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Groups of institutional investors consult and pay them. Glass Lewis is a major player with a lot of influence too.

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Interesting. I will have to look into that a bit more.


I’m not sure this will be winnable in court since he was selling stock in pursuit of acquiring
Twitter it could be argued. But let the courts have a say in it if people were harmed and think he dumped stock in light of internal company data. I’m more interested at this point how the shareholder meeting goes in the middle of the month.

There is just so much drama around Elon all the time it gets annoying. The guy is just not cut
out to be a day to day CEO, even though his talents no doubt got the pots boiling for Tesla and
SpaceX. Founders Disease.

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Yes I agree with you totally.

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I think this was a good and fair article on the proxy fight.

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This sure doesn’t seem like actions of a CEO who has in mind what’s best for Tesla’s shareholders.

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Elon needs to be removed from Tesla for their own best interest.

Did quick light read of that article and it sure seems like Elon has a competing conflict of interest
there. That’s not what a Tesla CEO should be doing with a publicly traded company.


Assuming he can be forced out, do you see him starting a NXT EV like Steve Jobs ?

Personally I don’t see him going that route; the EV market is becoming increasingly competitive
with lower cost producers coming on line, including traditional ICE car companies, and lower profit
margins in the forecast. Tesla to remain the leader has to keep innovating, imho.

We all know that Tesla will go under if Elon leaves. Many on here have intimated as much.

He’s a genius, so he should be allowed to place his vanity interests over Tesla’s stockholders.

Get it now? LTSI.

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Why would it go under? I think the brand could thrive without him. He has already polarized and antagonized many of the people who originally bought his cars. Tesla now needs to address its build quality and focus on product refreshing. It needs someone with a newer vision. Elon has focused on vanity projects like the cyber truck. Imagine how many trucks they would sell if it looked like the Rivian truck.


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