Emanuel Sharp

Did Sharp sign today?

Yes. He posted a picture of him signing on his instagram page.

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Thank you, can you post it?

Not sure if this link will work: https://www.instagram.com/stories/emanuelsharp_/2704181612857519520/


Thanks to you both!

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Happy for him!

I can already see it now. Coach Bishop posting Before and After pics of Mr Sharp.

If you come in with even a little body fat, it’s gone within 2-3 months of workouts


Found this video. I guess he lived in Israel til 2013. And then moved to Florida.

Very unique recruit.

was just thinking the same thing. kid is a baller for sure, just chubby looking.

he’s obviously a hell of an athlete so maybe its just how he looks…?

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See Gordon, Eric

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“What he can do you cannot teach”. :hushed:


Ask Sir Charles Barkley about that chunky appearance issue. See what he thinks.

Have you ever looked at some of the best fighters out there? Such as Oscar De La Hoya? They look chubby or at least very little muscle definition, but boy do they punch hard! Looks can be deceiving! I have seen too many muscular guys get knocked out in a fight! And physical physiques have no bearing on how strong a guy is or how hard a guy can punch! Some people could lift weights all day and they would never look anything close to Arnold Schwarzenegger, but they could very well be stronger than him though!