Encouraging game

I didn’t think we had much chance against Tulsa. Watching the game, one could really see how we could turn it around next year and what we’ll need to get there.

The defense was the best I’ve seen all year and not just for a quarter or half but pretty much the whole game. The good news is most all our key defensive players are back, and they’ll be joined by some outstanding transfers. So I could see us having one of the best defenses in the conference.

Offensively, I don’t know if Tune or King will be here and start, but we should be more than fine with either. I would like to see King’s dynamism back, but I get that Tune may fit Holgorsen’s offense better. We’re set at the skill positions with Stevenson, Car, Porter, Corbin, Singleton, etc. The big issue is the offensive line. We have to find a way to piece together a competent unit. It doesn’t have to be the best offensive line in the AAC, but it has to be at least solid. If that happens, we could really turn it around, not that it’s a given by any means.


There is no doubt we will be better next year.


Totally agree, Sam. For some reason I did think we could match up favorably to Tulsa, but mostly because in the games I saw them play they weren’t consistent. I thought if we could score early and not turn the ball over we could give them a good game. We finally got some good breaks along the way and that helped as well. We desperately needed that win. The team played like they have bought into CDH and coaching staff. One game hardly makes a season, but hopefully the players’ confidence has been renewed.

I like our run defense against Navy. If Tune remains healthy and can run, I like our WR’s matching up well against Navy’s secondary. A win to finish the season would be a great start for 2020.

Beat Navy.


Is the team better next year with Tune at QB and D’King at WR or D’King at QB and Tune getting to finally redshirt?

The defense played really well last night. I loved what I saw from the true freshman Cesar. That kid is fast off the ball. Once he gets in the weight room for an off-season of conditioning I see him getting a lot of playing time. I also liked what I saw from Chamber who had three sacks and several pressures. Still can’t figure out why he hasn’t played more this year but perhaps he was still working his way into shape from last year‘s injury and surgery. Oh, and it’s amazing how good our secondary looks when we’re actually stopping the run and putting pressure on the quarterback. That makes a big difference, right?

Offensively, I agree that the offensive line has a ways to go. There’s a lot of youth on that line so expect them to be better next year. Once you add in the redshirts and transfers that are sitting out it’s hard to see how this team couldn’t be better. I still don’t think we’re going to win the conference next year, though. The schedule is equally tough and personally I think Holgerson needs to either tweak the offense or hire an OC. It’s a little too vanilla for my taste but that’s just me.

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It’s tough for me to see how a guy who was considered an elite QB and who finished in the top five nationally in QB rating, total offense, and TDs responsible for is now someone who isn’t up to snuff and would be better off changing positions. But I do get that Tune may be a better fit for the offense. I would love to see the staff work with King so that he’s better at reading defenses and getting the ball to the right place so that Tune could redshirt and then come on like gangbusters the following year, but word is that’s not going to happen. Decent chance Tune will be the guy, but we’ll see.

Yes, beating Navy would end the season on a real high note and put a little pep in our step heading into the off-season and spring practice.

Chambers is becoming the rusher off the edge we all hoped when he transferred here, yet with Anoma and Turner, he may be more of a situational player next year. He and Anenih would give us two top pass rushers at end. I expect Anoma will be as well.

The offense does seem a little vanilla. Some of that may have to do with Tune’s youth and the problems with the offensive line, but I’m not sure. If we can get the OL fixed, I would expect us to be much more efficient and open offensively.

The offense does seem a little vanilla. Some of that may have to do with Tune’s youth and the problems with the offensive line, but I’m not sure.

Could be Coach just wants to give this board something to talk about :crazy_face:. Or waiting to unleash the full fury of the offense next year when it really counts :grin:.

This coach trying to protect the offensive line which had it’s 8th different starting lineup this year. Three of the starters were not even on the 2 deep at the beginning of the season.


Right, and I also think Holgorsen has grown as a coach since he was here 10 years ago and understands the importance of running the ball and keeping the other team’s defense on the field—and your own off of it. Teams that throw the ball 70 times a game seldom win championships.

I think they’ll find a way to assemble a quality offensive line. Braylon Jones, Pancotti, Bardwell, and Keenan Murphy are all capable, and guys like Freeman, Banes, and Paul should at least be competent reserves after getting experience this year. If we can add a top juco tackle or two we should be fine.


Isn’t Jones a senior?

Yes, but he was injured in the third game, so they redshirted him. He actually started as a true freshman in ‘16, so he hadn’t used his redshirt.

What are the chances of king transferring? You said earlier word on the street is wont be back. To me that would be disappointing. Youd think dana would be able to work with him the same way Lincoln riley did with kyler murray.

I really couldn’t say what the odds are. I have heard that King will most likely be gone and that Tune will be the QB next year. I’m not betting my ranch on hearsay but decent chance it’ll happen.


Also a possibility King could return as WR who could step in as QB if necessary. Don’t know.

Announcers said 35 redshirts multiple times last night. If true, along with all those transfers and injured, and the way our team continues to play and fight with all that game experience from this year? Next year could be HUGE! not putting a number on it, learned years ago.

Hope you’re right, but surely Stevenson is NFL-bound next year. Doncha think?

At his post game presser Dana mentioned that we are down 8 lineman from the start of camp and that is basically why calls the game the way he does .
He is constantly calculating the best ways to move the ball based on our personnel, down and distance etc.


I think the issues with our O-line have completely deconstructed any plans of running a full-on Holgorsen Air Raid. In fact, I think you will never see this offense again in this regime after this year.


If Tune is the primary starter next year we won’t do better than 7-5 and even that record is a stretch. I’m sorry he has never impressed me. We won yesterday with our DL getting consistent pressure on the QB while also shutting down the run and the play of our special teams. A lot like UNT. Tune was a game manager who didn’t mess it up.

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can you post a link to the presser please. I haven’t been able to find it.