End Of The Freshman Guard Experiment?

Neither of the freshman guards has scored to amount to anything the last two games. Could be they are under too much pressure this early in their careers. Jarroux seems to play better at point when he starts. Grimes is good there too (never mind missing 3 of 4 free throws at the end). I understand that Sasser is the leading scorer on the team but he couldn’t hit but a single field goal today (?). What do y’all think?

Our freshman guards are great players, but inconsistent. They will continue to see a lot of playing time and will be important contributors for the conference tournament and the NCAA tournament, especially since they’re our two best shooters. We will see more consistency from Sasser and Mills in their sophomore and junior seasons.


I wouldn’t trade those two freshmen for anybody in our league…Mills had an off night but even Big E had off nights.
Sasser has been in a two game slump but he can break out of it at anytime. The good news is that White, Hinton and Grimes picked up the slack today.
And about Jarreau he has basically had a terrible year…and it got worse after the infamous biting incident. Hopefully he gets back on track because when he is playing well we are a better team. Today he had a bad day shooting, made bad decisions with the ball and then missed two front parts of one and one free throws…he is normally a great free throw shooter at crunch time…


Deeky has been starting. 2-9, blown transitions, and two critical misses on the first of bonus shots late in the game. He can do some good things, but I’d rather have the freshmen.


Coach was taking him out after he nearly airballed his 2nd missed FT. Then got fouled and made his first with Mills waiting and coach decided to leave him in the game.

Those freshmen are the only chance we have of a run. One of them has to be on for us to advance past round 1 IMO. This year is house $$$. Next year we should run away with the conference and challenge for sweet 16 and beyond.


Memphis is the youngest team with the best FG defense in the country and they have the top talent in the conference. Next year their Fab Four freshman players will all have a year of college experience.

Yes, we should be better next year but I don’t see UH running away with anything. With a bit of luck we could win the conference and be a Sweet 16 or better team again next year!


Their key player…Prince will be long gone playing in the NBA next year…


Agree…we should be the front runer, but Memphis will be tough. As much as I hate to eat crow, Penny has steadily improved as a college coach…both in demeanor and strategy.


We aren’t here without those guys. Those guys playing a major role isn’t an experiment. It’s really important to our success.


Precious is going pro. A lock to be a 1st round pick.


freshman are gaining experience and its all part of their growth…


Fab Four just finished 6th in our league and as several have posted, their best player is declaring for the draft.

Next year Top 2 will be UH and Wichita, although WS has to replace their best player


Memphis already lost Wiseman and will lose Precious and has done nothing to find replacements for them.

I assume Cincinnati will be right up there as well. Cumberland will be playing his 17th senior season. I swear he played against penders’ teams.


Lol’d at that @Uhsigep96


Was this really an experiment or just a necessity?


OK, the last two games before today:

Sasser: 2 points, 5 RBs, 6 Ast, 0 t/o
Mills: 20 points, 6 RBs, 1 Ast, 4 t/o
Grimes: 24 points, 6 RBs, 3 Ast, 2 t/o
Jarreau: 5 points, 3 RBs, 1 Ast, 4 t/o

Sasser: 21 points, 6 RBs, 0 Ast, 2 t/o
Mills: 15 points, 3 RBs, 3 Ast, 1 t/o
Grimes: 4 points, 1 RBs, 0 Ast, 1 t/o
Jarreau: 2 points, 2 RBs, 4 Ast, 0 t/o

The freshmen played well in those games. Even though Sasser had only 2 points against UConn, he had a good game otherwise. Grimes was off against Cincy, but played well against Cincy. Jarreau didn’t play well in either. I don’t know what you called not scoring to amount to anything, but I would say you are a bit off on that.

Today our freshmen were playing against the top freshmen in the country based on last spring’s recruiting ratings and the number one scoring defense in the country. Yes they stuggled, but it seems that in every game this year, some player struggled. However, someone else generally picks up the slack. And most importantly, it was another learning and growing experience.

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We have another plus. The Coach!