Engineers created a safer molten salt micro-nuclear reactor to reduce the risk of meltdowns

Can’t wait to have one power my home.


Very interesting

Cool thing about the technology it produces precious elements as a bi-product of the process. Which means it would pay for itself and to boot the salt is totally recyclable. No meltdown thread. Hat’s off to the BYU scientist for this invention. Fits in the bed of a truck means in ones garage. Good for lunar and Mars colonization energy needs and possibly powering space craft


Would love to see an availability time-line and cost estimate


I love the science around power. I tinker with solar and marvel at the man’s ability to take natural resources and turn them into power.

I’m not really sure this is breakthrough thing.
Molten salt research(MSR) goes back to the 60s.

The thing has a smaller footprint but it still sounds like it’s just a way to produce heat to
produce steam to turn a turbine. Throw in heat
exchanger handling equipment , water cooling , and turbine and I don’t see this as having your own personal reactor in the back of your truck. Or even backyard. Maybe it fits on a community scale like a waste water processing plant does. And maybe that is a future.

Universities often put out these fluff pieces on
potential breakthroughs in science and medicine. It’s part of their self advertising/promotion or generating support for more research funding. I’m skeptical, but desire to be proven wrong. I’m Holding out for cold fusion :wink:

Why don’t we use molten salt reactors?

Another basic problem with MSRs is that the materials used to manufacture the various reactor components will be exposed to hot salts that are chemically corrosive, while being bombarded by radioactive particles . So far, there is no material that can perform satisfactorily in such an environment.Sep 14, 2021

Here is a great Twitter account that deflates some of these articles: