Enjoy the Bowl game because it will be a long time

It will be a long time before we see another bowl game. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Don’t get ahead of things on the doom & gloom.

An undefeated OOC then just 3 B12 wins seems reasonable.

  • 09/02 - UTSA
  • 09/09 - at Rice
  • 09/23 - Sam Houston
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You think we’ll win a game in the XII next year? Even the next?


What three games do we win in the Big 12 next year??? Kansas who finished third to last smoked us at home. I don’t even know if I’d be comfortable calling Iowa St a coin flip.


Actually, I do.

We’ll be psyched up about playing all our old rivals and taking a step up in competition.

We won’t go winless in conference. Even a 3-5 conference record with a 3-0 OOC schedule will ensure bowl eligibility.

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Nah I’m predicting 3-9 or 4-8 if CDH is still coach.


You are saying these are wins?

Not one of those is a lock with the Snake Oil Salesman at the helm….and tweedle dee and tweedle dum as coordinators.


We beat UTSA by two. Rice by a TD.

And now these are locks.

And then. We will proceed to beat a Kansas team that kicked our ass up and down the field this season. A Tech team that we haven’t beat in a decade. Doing all of this with a new QB.

Yup. Checks out.


I’m optimistic about things falling into place somewhat w a B12 move more than saying.

Priority is at least a lower caliber B12 2 deep at LB/DB. Maybe DT.
Its available with portal.

RB/WR looks good with some fine tuning and OL at least has a foundation of players to improve.

Someone(s) good in the portal will want the QB job.
I hate this offense but Tune/Dell put up huge numbers.
Add the spotlight of a supercharged B12 (w OU, UT and the new teams)

UH should be able to get to mediocre.

We could beat Cincy and UCF? And the third win could be when we beat ourselves in any number of the other games. That’s 6 games!

You might play WVU…it wont be a given that you win but our coach will try like hell to give you a damn good shot.

Surprised that there isn’t a bowl expectation thread. I’ll just hijack this one …

I’m sticking with my previous prediction.

Fenway Bowl
UH vs. Syracuse
Vegas rates this game as a pick-em

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UTSA will be tough. Our team next year won’t be as talented as our team this year.

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Depends on whether we can find a decent QB.

Our receiver corps remains deep even without Dell, our RBs will be BETTER with Alton back, and at every other position, I don’t see a regression.

With a good QB…I suspect we’d beat UTSA at home.

Lol so we’d be the new “TxTech” in the New B12.

Not sure, but if so, that’s better than being in the G5!!!

This is true. Hadn’t thought of it that way :thinking:

UTSA loses that QB. I like our chances


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