Environmentalist wackos deface $84 million VanGogh painting


This is NOT coming from Fox News!!!


off with their heads

I loved the way that guy said “security”! Your title is wrong though, the painting is behind glass so it wasn’t defaced.

There wasn’t an Andy Warhol soup can painting up?? They missed a great opportunity there. Brits just don’t know how to catch headlines.

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Then it would have been performance art.

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Fortunately, the painting, which had a glass cover, wasn’t affected. The two morons who tried to deface it looked very young.

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What a bunch of idiots.

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Greenies got to love them. What they didnt take off thier clothes too?


Total amateurs. Super Glue the hand ahead of time, throw soup with the other…

(Do I need to put /s before RWNJs accuse me of applauding their efforts)?

Firsties was hoping for an entry into his bank, it seems.

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All they harmed was a plate of glass that protects the art…a bit of windex and elbow grease, its as good as new.

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Thanks johnny you are good for something

Cjbkr is 100% fine vandalizing his house.
He has plenty of organic products.
However his athritis does allow him to clean the grafitis himself.

:wink: you are especially entertaining when you are triggered and rant…lol…My elbows are fine, but time is money and I can afford for someone to clean up soup.

Wish we could say the same for you!

You walked right into that one.

Looks some jerk kids. But it’s almost as if things like this happening are figured into the display and it was safely behind glass. Fine them, make them clean the glass, and since they are kids write a 20 page single spaces easy about the works in the museum.

What goes through these idiots minds when they decide to do something like this? How do they not realize it’s counterproductive. Maddening

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Christian Capitalist wackos deface God’s creation.