Eric Davis (1982 Phi Slamma Jamma)

Got the pleasure of meeting Eric last night at an event here in Chi. What an outstanding guy. Bleeds cougar red through and through.


Which one is you? The woman? :joy:


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No kidding! For real?

Put down the crack pipe before surfing the internet.

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Which one is Davis?

Davis=pink shirt.
MD is next to Davis

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Eric’s been hittin the canoli.

The other big guy is matt butkus. Yes, that butkus. Erics wife is much better looking than I. Lmao.

Wasn’t Davis part of the duo that tracked down Bennie Anders? It’s been a while since I’ve watched the 30 for 30.

Yes he was…

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We started to talk about benny but got interrupted. Didn’t get back to the subject unfortunately. Ill be seeing him soon. We’re tight now. Not too many coogs in chi. Lol.

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Funny. I remember Eric Dickens but not Eric Davis.

Old buddy of mines dad was a coach at rice during Dickerson’s recruiting. Its all true, trans am, $1k cord of wood and $50k annuity. Man i miss the swc sometimes. :wink::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: