ESPN 30/30 PSJ on Disney

just finished watching it as someone that didnt know all the history of those teams. That last second defeat by NC state hurt me and i didnt even see the game. Felt almost like Michigan game (part of me never recovered from that one).

Also was Anders as good as they made him seem that he could do what he wanted?

Edit: yes it’s on Disney+

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Paraphrasing, but Clyde Drexler thought Benny was better than himself. Benny’s head not always where it needed to be.


I think Clyde was right. Benny was the most athletic player on the team, but he was a hotdog and could never be counted on to do the right thing instead of going for the flashy play, which often backfired. He didn’t put team first, IMHO.

I just wish Benny had gotten to the ball before Whittenburg did. Dang that was painful.

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We keep comparing Taze to Clyde, but what if the better comparison is Benny Anders?

Edit: What Benny Anders could have been.

Taze = Bennie … he cam throw down some jams …