ESPN been sold?

Daily Delivery: Disney appears to be cooling on ESPN as part of its business family (

I dont think they would sell what will soon be as close to a monopoly on sports broadcasting as one could imagine.

I predict in not too distant future that an ESPN+ subscription will be required to watch many of your favorite sports teams

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There is nothing in this article. Did I miss something?

They could do a spin off. It would deliver a boatload of cash to the Mouse

Could be, anything is possible. I believe the potential revenue stream from ESPN would be foolish to give up for a buttt load of cash just to take said cash and purchase another hopefully revenue stream business.

Now if they need cash to support part of their dying business then sure, but that doesnt make great business sense either. Dont wreck what works to fix something that doesnt.

I love the games, but don’t care for the screaming heads shows. They get old fast. ESPN might be more nimble once separated from Disney. However, Disney stock is at $173, and no chatter about this. They have other problems such as slow growth of Disney+.

All the streamers are in slow member growth after the pandemic. Netflix is outspending the others and finally moved the needle with Squid Game. Before that, they were running in sand too

No. It is a political hit job disguised as business analysis.

I am no fan of ESPN or Disney in general; if I had my way the whole thing would be broken up under Anti-Trust principles. With that said, the idea that ESPN has some political agenda is ridiculous. It’s agenda is money.

To the extent it reports on certain topics it is because the athletes themselves bring it up. I don’t think ESPN is going around telling players to speak up about vaccines, policing policies, racial issues, and the like.

Fact is, the athletes have become more political, not ESPN.

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Prediction: This thread will not end well (i.e. locked and/or moved to the Satellite)

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